Demon King of Phantom Thief Chapter 8

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Demon King of Phantom Thief, Steal Everything From the King

It was before the hero party went on a journey to defeat the Demon King.

When Keith first heard it, he was surprised.
At that time, he went to the adventurer’s guild for a quest.

“Congratulation, Keith Aldberg. There is a quest from the kingdom!”

The document given by the guild’s receptionist had the date and time of that day and was signed by the king.
Keith was just a thief.
He was not in a position to be asked something by the king.

Nevertheless, Keith still went to the castle, as the one who invited him was a king.
This may actually be a trap, and Keith could be arrested like all the Aldberg thieves.
Thinking, that the Adventurer’s Guild was a huge organization with connection across continents.
Even a tiny thief could became an international affair if arrested for their quest.

Of course, that didn’t mean that thieves could do whatever they wanted.
It was only for the matter of contributing to the guild using their abilities as a thief, and no other looting was permitted.
That’s why a real thief didn’t sign up for guild.

Guild-registered thieves were those who had no friends, like Keith.
Or, those who had committed deadly sins and had no choice but to seek asylum within the guild.
And from the deadly sin, those who were wanted because of murder couldn’t registered in the guild.
With these rule, the adventurer’s guild was in a good shape.

Keith remembered being glared at the guard when he showed his ID.
“Keith Aldberg [thief]” was written in large letters, but it was not a status worthy to entered the castle.
Nevertheless, Keith went to the audience.
He was kneeling on the carpet with his first journey companion.

“Raise your face”

Raising their face as ordered to.
The king descended from the throne and looked around each and every face.

“As expected from the chosen hero, you have good look.” Hero Germ.

“A warrior, right. What a great physique. It’s what I want from the army.” Warrior Zott

“A terrifying magic power. You are going to be a pretty good mage.”-Magician Meralda

“What a beautiful face. It’s the face of the guardian of God.”-Priest Mary.

“And you, thief”-Thief Keith.

The king told him something dumb.

“I don’t know what the fortuneteller is thinking, but he said you are going to move the stars. He’s a blind guy. I really don’t like it. A thief joining the hero party? Ha! “

With that said, the king put his scepter on a carpet.

“But in the oracle received by the fortuneteller, it is customary to decide the hero and his companion. I don’t think I’ll change it. Do your best for the country.”

The king then asked the party what they wanted after defeating of the Demon King.

Germ, Zott and Meralda wanted gold coins.
Mary wanted to donate to the poor.
Keith wanted the release of Aldberg thieves.

The king’s eyebrows moved slightly.

“It is necessary for the filth to be wiped from our country, isn’t it?”
“Please, that’s my only wish…!”

Keith bowed deeply as he rubbed his forehead on the carpet.

“Well that’s fine. After you all defeat the Demon King, I’ll release them. Let’s do that.”

-That promise had been betrayed.


Keith was in the backyard of the castle.


The king was in his reading room.
The path to that room was drawn in Keith’s mind.
At the back gate of the castle were two armed guards.
Keith had already touched the paralyzed guard in the prison.


Something change from the tip of Keith hand.
Eventually it reached the center of his chest.


When Keith touch his face, it was not the usual feeling.
Keith was no longer in the shape of Keith.

[Identification Glass] was gone.
[Disguise] In this state, it seem impossible for the guards to notice Keith.

Keith stepped in front of the guard.


The guards looked suspicious at Keith’s appearance.

“A jailer, what are you doing in this place …”

At that moment, Keith’s body fluttered.
Hitting his swords into the necks of both of them at the same time and made them fell.
This was a technique that had been used since he became thief.

“Then, have a good dream …”

Then again [Disguise]-Keith turned into the guard who had been defeated by him.
Picking up the spear, and using [Unlock] to opened the back door of the castle.
Keith stepped on the carpet and entered the castle dignifiedly.
There was no need to use [Shinobi Leg].

“It’s quiet”

-[Presence Detection].
Someone then approached from the corner.
Keith stopped.
What came out was a beautiful woman wearing a robe.
Keith raise his spear and saluted

“It’s a good night”

The woman talked.

“Well, if you look at the window you can see the beautiful moon.”
“There was someone who could understand some poetry. Your name is-“
“It’s Keith Aldberg.”

Keith replied without hesitation.

“Keith, right. I’ll remember it.”

Then she turned around the corner.

“I have remember it.”

How many people in this castle remember the name of Keith Aldberg, as member of the hero party?
Even the King who met Keith maybe didn’t remembered.


Keith opened one room after another after confirming that there were no people.
It was so that he could use Aleira’s [Gate].
He didn’t knew if he would even used this.
But better be prepared.

Keith stride through the castle at night, entering to various rooms, conference rooms, halls, and study rooms.
Finally, he reached the third-floor.
-[Hearing Enhancement].

“… But it’s good that we can eliminate that annoying thief. There’s someone filthy at the hero party, the thief. When he entered the castle, there was nothing more unpleasant than that.”
“That’s right, your Majesty. There was a fear that the hero would hesitate to kill their journey companions, but they didn’t seem to worry.”

Keith could hear the voices of two men.

“Well, why do you know that? The truth is they failed to kill him”
“Someone like me can see if they can kill a person. Except for the priests, they were all talented. I don’t think there’s someone who can survive from the hero that defeat the Demon King. I want them in my army. And i can’t imagine someone would think that a thief defeat the Demon King.”
“Yes, that’s right.”

When the king laughed, Keith opened the door.

“What, who are you !?”

Two majestic horns and one pair of glasses. Black cape.
As soon as they saw Keith’s face, they stood up.
The bottle on the table fell, the alcohol was spilled, and drip down on the carpet.

“Well well, isn’t this Your Majesty the King and the general.”

Keith fluttered his cape and bow respectfully.

“Guard! Where is the guard!”
“Is this you guard?”


Keith’s appearance change and became one of the guards.

“Or this?”


“Hey, did you have this one?”


“You monster!”

The general tried to attacked by pulling his sword.
However, Keith easily evade the blow that became sloppy because of alcohol.


By the time Keith passed through the general, the general’s sword was already in his hands.

“It’s a great sword. I’ll take this.”

Keith grinned as he inserted the sword inside the cape.


The general place the king in the front and tried to escape from the room.


When Keith used his skill, the door was locked by itself.
The general desperately pulled and pushed the door, but it did not opened.
He did the same move without realizing it’s futile.

“What are you doing? What is your purpose?”

The king step back and sit on the sofa.

“I’m Keith Aldberg, the Phantom Thief. I’m going to take all your Majesty’s important things from here. The purpose is … for revenge?
“Aldberg … that thief …?!?”
“I am truly honored that you remembered it.”

The Identification Glass glow from the moonlight cominv from window.

“Your Majesty have [Rule] [Strategy], the general have [Command] [Tactics] Hey, you all have many other good skills. Your intelligence are not so bad when I see your status.”
“What are you talking about?”

The king said.
The general was still struggling with the door.

“It’s what I will steal from Your Majesty and the general tonight.”

The two scream in the late-night room were not heard by anyone.


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  1. Hi! Thanks for the chapter!

    I found a few typos and tense inconsistencies here and there, for example:

    >Of course, that didn’t mean that thief could did whatever they wanted.

    Should be “Of course, that didn’t mean that *thieves* could *do* whatever they wanted.”

    >That’s why real thief didn’t sign up for guild.

    “That’s why real *thieves* don’t sign up for the guild” or maybe, more linguistically, “That’s why *a* real thief *wouldn’t* sign up for the guild”.

    >Or, it was limited to those who had committed deadly sins that choice but to seek asylum from the guild.

    There’s a small typo, a period between had and no, also the last part makes it sound like the thieves want to get away from the guild, so it would be something like “no choice but to seek asylum *within* the guild” instead in my opinion.

    >[Identification Glass] were gone.

    About this one I’m not sure, because it’s Identification Glass it sounds to me it’s a monocle, and should be “identification glass was gone”, but it could also be Identification Glasses, in which case the were would be correct.

    Thanks again for the translation!


    1. Thanks. I am gonna edit that. It’s been a week and there was no one who told me about typo, so i thought, wow so i’m that great? Lol. Well, when i read the previous chapter again, there is also some typo so i’m not that great.
      Anyway, thanks bro(or maybe sis?). You really help me there.


      1. Salute to this person who can read MTL where the majority of people got sick just by seeing(At least from what I know).


  2. Bwahaha! The general is a coward, and the king is an idiot! You don’t go betraying thieves or assassins and then drown yourself in booze before you’ve inspected the corpse, and even then you could be mistaken.


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