Demon King of Phantom Thief Chapter 13

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Demon King of Phantom Thief Spend the Night with the Elves

“Your Majesty! Where is His Majesty!?”

At midnight, the Tristram kingdom’s vassals searched around the castle, knowing that the king was not in his bedroom.
Finally, they found the king on third-floor reading room.
The king was asleep with the general.

“Your Majesty, there is something that we want to tell you immediately!”
“Hmm … what is it?”

The king raised his body from the sofa, rubbing his eyes.
There was liquor spilling on the table, the King was completely drunk.
It’s not the usual king.

“Intruder! It looks like an intruder has invaded the castle! Some prisoners had been released and all the items in the treasure room had been robbed!”

The king thought briefly for a while and then said.

“I think that’s not very good.”
“… that’s exactly what we say.”

The vassals did not sense the usual dignity and wisdom from the current king.
Even if it was because of alcohol, the King still looked strange.
But the vassals couldn’t asked that.
The vassals continued.

“… What should we do? No one has seen the intruder’s face to issue the order. We can’t do anything. ”
“I don’t think … that … I don’t think it’s very good … right, general.”

As the king shook the general’s shoulders, the general slowly opened his eyes.

“What happened? King?”
“There are a lot of bad things happening.”
“I think …I think that’s not good.”
“I think so too”

There, another vassal appeared.

“Why are you still here? As I said! The fortuneteller had detected the resurrection of the Demon King!”

Upon hearing that, the king and the general said to each other.

“What a scary thing”
“I’m scared to something like Demon King”

The general was strange too.
The image of warrior, called “Lord Thunder,” had completely disappeared.
Still, the vassals kept talking.

“It is unusual for the Demon King to be resurrected in such a short period of time. We should not let people know about it. After the Great Festival tomorrow, the hero should secretly return to Demon Castle again. How about that? “
“Send the hero?”
“… yes?”
“Well, is the hero strong?”

The king said, stroking his beard.
Sweat flowed on the cheek of the vassals.

“He is … the one who once defeated the Demon King, so I know that his ability can be guaranteed …”
“Is he stronger than the Demon King?”
“Yes, after all he had defeated the Demon King once.”

The king was thinking something for a long time, staring at the ceiling.
The vassals were watching closely.

“… I hope the hero defeat the Demon King, right General.”
“Yeah, I think that’s a good move.”
“…………… that’s it then.”

Thus, with the king’s decision, the hero embarked on a journey to the Demon King Castle.
No one knew that the ‘intellect’ of the king and the general was stolen by the Phantom Thief.


Elves were hunters and gatherers.
The dinner that was served was a boar meat and nut soup.
It was accompanied by dried seasoning, which was poured and sprinkled according to one’s preference.
It seems to be the favorite of elves that they put only a little seasoning.
Savory scents of nuts added to the deliciousness of the chewy meat.


A few elves were kneeling while the others were sitting on a log chair and eating.
They were always ready to heard the Demon King’s orders.
The food was delicious, but the dining table had heavy air.

“I don’t like this kind of seasoning! It’s not good unless we add more seasoning!”
“That’s right, Boss, I’ll do it, let’s have plenty of that!”

The thieves were trying to lighten the mood, but it didn’t go well.

“Um, won’t you eat?”

When Keith asked, the elves were answering with a blue face.

“We will have it later, so please don’t worry …”

It was hard for Keith to say that they should eat together.

(As expected this is a problem …)

When the meal was over, herbal tea was served.
It seems to be a boiled freshly picked herb, with a sweet fragrance and a clear feeling.

“You guys can go now”

At last, Keith said that.

“But we’re here to listen the Demon King’s orders …”
“That’s the order. I want to talk in secret.”
“Understood … then please excuse us.”

Keith felt that the elves who were nervous had disappeared from the room and the air finaly went to normal.
Even so, the elves building had a well-ventilated structure in the first place.
Not long after, Keith sensed mana that passed through to the room.
Mana was a power unique to elves and seemed to be different from magic.

“Diana. Can’t we turn the elves into soldiers without that sacrifice?”

――Keith thought of the skills [Rule] and [Command] that were taken from the king and the general.
Diana answered while lifting her teacup.

“I think it’s a matter of efficiency. A monster who instinctively attacks humans is more powerfull and have more vitality than an elf dominated by fear.”
“So that’s it……”

Then, it seemed to be the first thing that Keith needed to solve.
But by simply declaring “stopping the sacrifice” would not help.
The demon still needed an army, and if Keith took the elves as soldiers instead of sacrifice, it’s the same thing after all.

The only way to gather fighting army without forcing them was to change how the vassal thought of the Demon King.
Don’t be terrified by the Demon King.

(This is a very difficult problem …)

[Rule] and [Command] did not answered anything at this moment.
The night was coming.

“Let’s take a a break first”
“I understand, then I’ll call the elf.”

As Diana clapped her hands, an elf immediately rushed into the room, presumably while the other elves was still listening.

“Prepare the bedroom”

The Aldberg thieves, Diana and Aleira, and Keith were alone.
Each was given a bed in the house.

Elves beds smelled of grass.
When Keith lay down and tried to sleep, he suddenly noticed.

“Please excuse me …”

All elves had a beautiful appearance.
But the one who came into the room was particularly beautiful.
The golden hair was glowing because of the moonlight from the window, as if the moon was lighting a goddess.

“I’m Fiore, who have the pleasure to accompany Demon King-sama this night. Thank you very much …”

The girl was desperately trying to hide her tremble.

(I see, this is like a kind of sacrifice.)

Keith replied, pretending to be nothing.

“I still have a bed in this room. I hope you can sleep there.”
“Are you … not satisfied with me? …”

The girl may be thought that she couldn’t return to how she live before.
Pearl-like tears spilled from the girl’s eyes.
That’a a fascinating scene.
But Keith couldn’t leave a girl crying.

“You’re beautiful, but even if I look like this, I don’t want to force woman. That’s it.”

Whether it’s Diana or Aleira, Keith would answer the same so that’s not a lie.

“Sleep in the bed there. I’ll be happy if we can keep talking until I sleep.”
“I understand. I’ll do that …”

When the girls said that, Keith could saw a woman with nightclothes walked in front of him.
Just by seeing that, Keith was somewhat excited.
To think that he could made such a beautiful girl to came to him.

(Concentrate, be normal, be normal)

So Keith thought of Mary.
Where and what was she doing now?
Mary must be in the Tristram kingdom.

Keith talked to Fiore because Keith felt lonely if he thought too much about Mary.

“This is someone’s house? If so where is the resident?”
“I’m sorry, maybe it’s rude. The one who live here is sleeping in the square.”
“Do you mean sleeping outside? Don’t they catch a cold?”

Keith knew that he was just listening to something unimportant things.
But the words that had came out of the girl’s mouth were not useless.

“Don’t worry. The plaza is a mana path, so they are all sound asleep.”

There seemed to be something that only elves could understood.
However, because the house had a bed, it must be inconvenient for the owner to sleep in the square.

“Can I talk about something?”

Keith asked.

“Yes, I will answer all your question.”
“What will happen if the Demon King is gone?”
“It means … maybe the village will be annihilated.”

Fiore replied.

“If Demon King-sama disappears, the number of slave traders who aim for us will increase even more. Then …”

(I see, you’re not just scared of the Demon King, but you are also benefiting from Demon King?)

Around that point, Keith thought there might be a clue to reconsider the relationship between the Demon King and the elves.

“… I just want to get along with you”
“That is … thank you very much, i’m happy to hear that.”

After talking to Fiore for a while, Keith sank in slumber while smelling the smell of grass.(TN: you sure it’s not because of the smell of an elf woman dude?)


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  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    I have some doubt about these two lines:

    >“King! Where is the king !?”


    >“King, there is something that we want to tell you immediately!”

    Instead of shouting “king, king”, shouldn’t a lower-ranking soldier or guard say something like “your majesty”? Something like “Your Majesty! Where is your Majesty the King!?” and “Your Majesty, there is something we have to tell you immediately!”.

    Other stuff I found:

    >It’s not the usual king.

    It should probably be “It was not the usual king”

    >“There are a lot of bad thing happen.”

    This one may as well be left as it is because it sounds like the king is super drunk, but should be something like “There are a lot of bad things happening”.

    >Upon hearing that, the king and the generals said to each other.


    >The generals were strange too.

    I think the general should be in singular, he was a single person. “Upon hearing that, the King and the general said to each other:” and “The general was [acting] strange too.” the brackets are just a suggestion because I personally think it sounds better, but it’s not wrong if it isn’t there.

    >“Here is someone’s house? Then where is the resident?”

    “Is this someone’s house? If so, where is the resident?”

    >“It means … maybe the village will be annihilated.”

    I’m not sure of this wording, I think it should probably be “It means… the village may be annihilated”, but this would depend on how it’s in the original. The wording I’m using leaves room for the village not to be annihilated, but the original may be trying for say that it would get annihilated for certain (in which case, “It means… the village will be annihilated.” sounds better).

    Thank you again for the chapter!


    1. About your doubt, the raw said ou-sama and when I translate it I thought king-sama sounds weird. Why did I never thought of your majesty, I wonder? Even though I used it in the previous chapter… Oh right, I translate the chapter when I’m in a rush(when I translated 4 chapter in a day) so maybe I my mind was exhausted by then. Anyway thanks.


    2. I’ll also edit the other mistakes later after I went home, and about the last thing… I think you will know the answer in a few chapter. Thank you


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