Demon King of Phantom Thief Chapter 14

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Ginlow, Sortie

The breakfast that Keith ate with the thieves was delicious.
The menu was crispy bread fried with ground nuts and some well-ripened Mosin fruit.
When someone ate these two together, the fragrance of the bread and the sweet Mosin mixed together.

“I see, Demon King-sama wants to rule the elves, but not through fear.”

Keith told Diana.
Keith told her as if to answered her last night.

“That’s right. It’s natural that orderly soldiers will be more useful more than monsters created from sacrifice.”

The skills [Rule] and [Tactic] taken from the king and the general we’re the ones that made Keith thought about that.

“One way to realize that that is to help the elves first. Fortunately, elves have a clear enemy.”

Diana turned her purple eyes, transparent to the morning light, to Keith.
Light of sharp intelligence dwelling in the young face.

“I see. Demon King-sama want to use the slave trader.”
“That’s right. The elves will be thankful to the Demon King if we give them a clear asylum. This is a big step forward.”
“I want to fulfill the wish of the Demon King as soon as possible. Aleira!”

Aleira had inflated her cheeks like a squirrel and bite the crunchy and hard bread.
Her beauty was ruined.

“What ish it-“
“Swallow everything in your mouth first before answering.”

After chewing the bread and swallowing it, Aleira regained her usual beautiful face.

“What is it Diana?”
“Please use your eyes. I want you to see if there are any human groups nearby.”

Aleira closed her eyes after she picked up the cane leaning against the wall.

“My eye is a falcon — [Scout]”

Then the eye embedded in the cane slipped out.
With black wings, it went out of the window like the wind.
All the thieves were shouting.

“I will explore about a day distance if riding wolves away towards the area where humans live! I think it will return soon!”

When she told Keith, Aleira opened her large mouth and bite the Mosin fruit.

“The eye flew away. Magician really can do anything, right.”

The boss was impressed and said that.

“I’m not just a magician, but a Black mage! I can do anything! “
“Keith has amazing subordinates.”

As Aleira said, the eye returned before the breakfast was over.
The eye was floating above the table and told Keith.

“Demon King-sama … I discovered a group of humans half a day distance from here if riding a wolf …”

The eyeball said in a low voice, unexpected from a small appearance.

“Are they armed? What kind of army?”

Skill [tactics] activated.

“Yes. Approximately 50 people wearing the same shield and javelin, and a dagger on their waist.”
“They are mercenaries with javelin. In addition, I feel like they are completely used to dealing with elves.”

As far as Keith saw, the elves only had archers.
Javelin were the best way to deal with archers.
It was inferior in range to archers, but had a big advantage in using shields.
If the mercenary could endure until the arrow runs out, they would win.

“Is there a pulled cart?
“There are 15 …”
“I see, that’s enough. You are doing good. You can go back.”

The flying eye was once again laying in the tip of Aleira’s cane.

“Considering the terrain and luggage, it’s about five days to arrive … Let’s rest here first.”

Keith said, then Diana answered.

“Please excuse me Demon King-sama, I know you will be bored if you stay here for days. There is still a way… Swordsman, what if we let Ginlow handle it? “

Ginlow’s strength was painfully known to Keith who had fought with Ginlow before.
Without Keith, the hero party would not have won.
Thanks to the simultaneous stab from behind, Keith managed to made Ginlow lose a lot of stamina, but then Ginlow was still quite an enemy.

“Certainly, Ginlow alone would be enough. But will he be able to get here from Demon King Castle in five days?”
“That’s for sure. Ginlow’s speed was so fast.”
“If so, let’s leave it him.”
“I understand. Aleira!”

Aleira was about to eat Mosin’s fruit again.
It was strangely erotic that the water from the juicy fruit fell to her big breast.

“Yes yes!”
“Contact Ginlow. And wipe the spilled water. That’s filthy.”

Aleira wiped her valley with a napkin and took the cane again and started chanting.

“The sound of light – [call] … can you hear me, Ginlow !?”



Swordsman Ginlow who grew a huge blade from his arm. Gunslinger Victor who aim only on the chest.


Victor turned around and avoid the huge sword, pulling the trigger of the two-handed pistol in the same position.
The bullets fired from near-zero range, however, were cut with the huge sword from Ginlow’s other arm.
Victor kicked the floor and rolled back, raining bullets in the air.

“You made me raised my arms! But!”

Ginlow’s left-hand sword slashed at the bullet and the right-hand blade was swung at the same time-the sword caught Victor’s cape who just landed, and the battle stopped.
The two had stopped moving.

“This is my win”

A huge sword tapped Victor’s neck.


Victor shrug his shoulders.

“… Nuuu”

When Ginlow looked at his silver shoulder, a small dent was formed.
The bullets that were used was for practice. Otherwise, Ginlow’s body would have been shattered.
Victor’s numerous “magic bullets” had a lot of destructive power.

“I see … our power is still equal.”

Ginlow kept the two pairs of giant sword inside his body.

“Let’s continue to train together, brother.”

Victor put his two pistols in the sleeves of his cape and looked up at Ginlow’s silver giant through his hat, nodding lightly.

“Can you hear me Ginlow! ? Oi! It’s Aleira Qualiator!“

Aleira’s bright voice echoed in the arena.

“I can’t help but want to lower her voice …”

Ginlow answered the void.

“I can hear you, Aleira. What is it?”
“It’s a command from the Demon King!

The moment he heard that, Ginlow kneeled down on the stone floor.
After a short pause, Keith’s voice resounds.

“… Ginlow, I want you to do something for me.”

 Ginlow did not lose his posture, but heard everything.

“Yes … As you command”

 When communication was disconnected, Ginlow stood up immediately and spread both hands to the left and right.
 Huge wheels emerged from both shoulders and lifted Ginlow’s body.

“Then, I’ll go.”

As Victor raised his hand lightly, Ginlow’s giant wheels began spinning.
Ginlow run out of Demon Castle at a tremendous speed while digging through the floor of the arena.


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  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    >“My eyes are falcon — [Scout]”

    Here it should be matched to the plural, “My eyes are falcons — [Scout]”, but it still sounds kind of weird… Maybe go with the singular “My eye is a falcon — [Scout]”, given that it’s a single eye that comes from the magic cane? You could also use a collective noun for falcons instead (bazaar, tower or ringing), but that would just be confusing because no one knows the collective noun of falcon unless they are interested in falconry 😛


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    1. Thanks. When i think about it, my mistake and confusing part are decreasing day by day. Maybe there will be a time where i mastered english. Lol


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