Demon King of Phantom Thief Chapter 17

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The Hero Party Returned to the Demon King Castle

The boss arrived at Demon King Castle and said he needed a fort.

“From the castle, the road from the rocky area is almost blind. When you were at the Hero Party, didn’t you attack from there?”
“You understood that well.”

The boss said, Keith found the way from blind spot and entered the castle.

“Well, Aldberg thieves had been caught before. I won’t let that happen next!”

As a result, the boss’s proposal led to the establishment of a fort on the cliff beyond Devil’s Castle.
I asked a dwarf who was intimate with the thieves and a carpenter of the thieves to design the fort.

“A stone tower is absolutely necessary. Even if we were attacked by magic or arrows, we can still keep our view.”
“I think the living quarters should be made of wood, because the stone bedding is cold, after all.”

Yes, the thieves will lived in the fort instead of the Demon King Castle.
The one who proposed that was, of course, boss.

Boss knew that to maintaining the thieves as a single organization, they needed to set up their own hideout.
It could be said that this was the result of the cooperation between the Demon King and the thieves.

Cutting and processing stones was a specialty of dwarves.
And it was 18 thieves who made the wood-framed.

The thieves were working hard while singing.
Over time, the dwarves also learned the song.

Watch out for the dark night roads
We are also aiming for the treasure
Don’t feel safe just because you ride carriage
We’ll take all your things except your life, we are Aldberg thieves

The thieves cut the logs with a saw, and a small dwarf carries large blocks of stone to the tower.
Dwarves applied cement and thieves hit the nails.
Work had been going well during the past month.

“Hey, I see some weird things!.”

One of the dwarves said at the top of the tower.

“That’s, a human!”

When boss heard that, he run to Demon King Castle.

“Hey Keith! … Didn’t he went to the elves village! Is there Diana jo-chan !?”
“What’s up, you are so loud?”

Diana, who seemed to be about to take a walk, came out of the entrance.

“It seems that humans are coming here! If there are humans who come to such a place, they are the only one!”
“The hero …!”

Diana’s white face that seemed like pottery, turned pale.

“There is only me and Victor … I need to tell the others!”

Her opponent was one who had defeat her once.
Unlike last time, if they fought with only two people, there was no chance to win.
When Diana bite her red lip that looked like blood, a black mass-[Gate] opened in front of the Demon King Castle.

“… Demon King-sama!”

To Keith who appeared from [Gate], Diana was hugging him.

“What happened Diana, you look pale”
“The hero … The hero party is coming to the Demon King Castle!”

Aleira and Ginlow opened their eyes.
If the hero party was coming, that mean they knew..
The resurrection of the Demon King was always known to the kingdom through a fortune-teller.

-The hero party who tried to killed Keith came to kill Keith again.

“Let’s call Victor … If the Demon King and our four heavenly kings fight together, them …!”
“That’s fine……”

Keith stopped Diana’s words.

“I’ll do it myself.”

Keith said, staring at his palm.

“But Demon King-sama! We are here to protect Demon King-sama!”

Aleira was desperate.
Four heavenly king was originally supposed to be melted into a magical mass.
Keith was not only a person to serve, but a lifesaver.

“We are here for this time… Demon King-sama”

Ginlow said quietly, but his silver fist was squeezed so strongly that it shook.

“Well, everyone. This is an order …”

Keith said.

“Please watch me.”

Hearing that, Diana squeezed her hand so hard that her nail pierced her palm. 

“I understand … just as you said …”
“I’m sorry, for my selfishness.”

Keith pat Diana’s head.


Betrayed, slashed, burned with fire and broken the promise of releasing the Aldberg thieves.
It was impossible to forget.
He must returned it with his own hand.

“Diana, evacuate the thieves and the dwarves to Demon King Castle. I will meet the hero party in the fort.”

Keith turned his cape and gazed at a distant rock.


“Why … so many … demons are attacking …”

The hero party was heading to the Demon King Castle.
One of the hero party, the magician Meralda, was out of breath.

“Don’t know … Maybe it’s a trap from the new Demon King …”

Said the hero Germ who was about to vomit.
They didn’t want to think that Keith’s scout was actually a big contributor to the hero party.

Keith was just luggage.
That’s why they killed him.

“But … it looks like we’ll arrive soon …”

Wiping the sweat from his forehead, Warrior Zott said.
Beyond the miasma, they could see the dark shadow of the Demon Castle.

“We will defeat the Demon King again … we will receive a reward from the King again … This isn’t really a bad job … right, Mary …”
“I … just fulfill my mission …”

Priest Mary answered coldly.

“I see …”

The hero party was clearly more exhausted than last time.
Still, there was enough power to defeat the Demon King.

――If that was the last Demon King.

At last, they arrived at Demon King Castle, where a black shadow stood.
The hero party glanced at his face, a face that the hero party could not forget.

“… Keith !!”
“Long time no see……”

Two horns grow from the forehead.
A black cape that fluttered from the wind and a glass on his eye.
Aside from that, it was undoubtedly Keith, the thief who had been killed in that inn.

“You are alive … no … what is that horn … you are here … that mean …!?”

Surprised, Germ didn’t even speak clearly.

“So many things happened. Now I am the Demon King of Phantom Thief, the man you came to kill.”

The hero party couldn’t swallow the situation.
But they knew what to do.
The hero Germ pulled out the legendary sword Fragnum, the warrior Zott held an ax, the magician Meralda raised his staff, and the priest Mary-.

“… Keith! Why?”
“I’m sorry Mary. Because it’s already happened, I just do what I need to do.”
“What … what about your companion …!”

Mary didn’t know that the Germ tried to kill Keith.
Keith was a little relieved that she still thought Keith was her companion.


But the other three were not.
At that time, they were burning up with more blood-lust than when they tried to kill Keith at the inn.

“Well, will you fight, or not?”

When hearing Keith, the first to snapped was Meralda.

“I’ll burn you death! I’ll burn you until you become ash this time!”

Meralda cast a fire magic, and the fire from her cane swirl and was shot to Keith.

–The fight start.


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  1. I’m sorry Mari. Because it’s already happened, I just do what I need to do.”
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