Demon King of Phantom Thief Chapter 20

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Demon King of Phantom Thief, Hold a Summit Meeting in the Kingdom

“It’s about time for lunch …… lunch … unch

 Diana’s voice echoed in the sky with Aleira’s magic [Voice].


The Aldberg thieves, who had completed the fort, didn’t have anything to do.
So recently, they often run around on the giant wolf summoned by Diana.
Boss said this was also a special training.

With the skill [Tactic], Kobolds found out that they were suitable for cavalry, so they were with me.
With their wolf face, they were therefore very compatible with the giant wolves.

“It’s a wonderful wolf, Diana-dono.”

A Kobold said.

“Of course it is, it’s my summoning beast.”

Diana held her palm up, and from the ground Zuzuzuzu-, a table and a chair appeared.
It was time for lunch today.
The four heavenly kings, Aldberg thieves, and Kobolds would also eat here today as guests.

After a while, the maids quietly carried the food.

Grilled chicken wings, various mushrooms and wild plants, wild boar bacon pot-au-feu, freshly baked bread.
A menu suitable for eating outside.

The Kobolds chew to the chicken wing to their bones.
It looked wild just by seeing them.
The thieves also didn’t want to lose.

“How is the military training , Ginlow?”

Ginlow was appointed as a general of the Demon King.

“Yes. By splitting the skills and stats given by the Demon King into different classes based on their characteristics, a wonderful army is being completed that will defeat humans who are superior in number …but”

While he was eating a hot bread, Keith listened to Ginlow.

“But there is a challenge to becoming a full fledged army: food.”

Skill [strategy] made Keith realized what Ginlow wanted to say.

“Certainly, we need to clear it quickly.”
“As you say …”

The land of the Demon Kingdom was barren, but the forest had some food.
So the demon lived by hunting and gathering food in the forest.

But – when Keith wanted a regular army, he would need a stable supply of food.
The soldier needed food when training or when there was a war.

Of course, reducing training time was not the only issue.
The point was that emergency summons were almost impossible.
It’s just like a militia, not a full-fledged army.

(Speaking of the army, it’s always food ….)

The skill [strategy] showed the many problem of the army that “Lord Thunder” had been worried about.

(Food cultivation is almost impossible in this land. Then …)

Keith bite the wild boar bacon, and then turned to Diana.

“Is it possible to find out how many resources are being produced in the Demon territory? If possible, each month.”
“I understand, Demon King-sama, but as expected, each month is…”
“Is it too short?”
“No … maybe that would be on a human basis, but for us, we need more time.”

When Diana spread her palms in the void, a scroll appeared.
She looked at it then handed it to Keith.

“I have a [secretary] skill … and from what I see, most of the resources are ore from dwarves.”

Nagan fruit.
Tiger Fish.
Iron ore.
Mithril …

In addition, from nuts that could be collected in large quantities to rare minerals, along with the monthly collection amount and the estimated reserves were described.
What stood out was minerals, as Diana said.
In this regard, the Demon territory could be called a treasure mountain.


Keith’s Rule and Strategy quickly thought of their needs and the surpluses.

“… Well, then let’s have a tea time after the meal and then go out for a bit.”

 Keith said, then bite the chicken wing.

“Are you going out?”
“Yeah, anyway, the four heavenly king will go with me.”


“You are defeated and were sent here!?”

Tristram Castle, conference room.
The one who shouted angrily was Gordluff, a Margrave.

When neighboring countries were in a state of war, the status of a margrave with territory near the border naturally increased.
The king, who should be the highest person, was now just a shell after a certain day.
Thus, the Margrave Gordluff, who became the substitute king, was the leader of the current Tristram kingdom.

“Ehm … the new Demon King has a very strong power. He is a tough opponent.”

Mary said, instead of Germ, Zott, and Meralda, who were standing still without saying anything.

“… and you are the only one who came back safely. It seems that priest excels at using people as shield, or is it because you beg for it?”

Mary just bowed silently.
There was nothing else to say.

“There is no choice but to send an army …”
“You should not, Margrave!”

The vice-general was against it.
The general was just a shell, like the king.

“About 50 years ago, there was an example of a war campaign that lost 10,000 soldiers for the same purpose. The Demon King can only be defeated by a hero that was chosen!”
“But isn’t this the chosen hero!”

Being deprived of all skills and status, leaving only a minimal status as a villager, Germ bit his teeth while in tears.

“Unless we manage the demon territory, we won’t get the ores we need. Tristram Kingdom is an agricultural nation. I want you to think about it.”
“I was just thinking about that.”

Suddenly, a black lump appeared in one corner of the meeting room.
Five shadows came from there.

“It seems like the story of the Demon King make you excited. Now the person in question is here.”

Two horns that grew from the forehead.
A black cloak that looked like a darkness.
The presence of that person was undoubtedly the legend that only the hero party saw – the Demon King.

The inside of conference room panicked.

“Oi, call the guards!”

The preparation for the “conference” had been completed before the Gordluff screamed.

“The bird in the cage is a bird that does not sing – [Jail]”

A beautiful woman in a purple dress, holding an evil cane, whispered, and then the walls of the conference room were covered in silvery light.

“With this no voice will be heard outside and no one can go out!”

The Demon King nodded at the words of the beauty.
Those people who did not hear such exchanges desperately cling to the door.
However, the door was as strong as cast iron and did not move a bit.

“Hiii! Hiiiiii!”

 Despite the screamed from the others, the Demon King and his people sat down in empty seats.
The big man with a silver body looked somewhat cramped.

“Humans are really noisy creatures.”
“They will be quite soon”

The panic gradually subsided while the Demon King was talking to the girl. 

“It takes quite a while for an adult to become quite.”

The Demon King smiled unexpectedly.

“Hey, quickly sit on your chair, you’re not a dog, right.”

The noble who fell in front of the door heard that and returned to their chair in a hurry.

“It looks like you’re ready now.”

The Demon King crossed his feet on the table and said,

“This is the first time the king and the demon king have talked like this. I personally think it’s more meaningful that sending me assassins. ”
“Demon King scary … Demon King scary…”

 The king and the general were trembling while hugging each other.
Germ stared at the Demon King as hard as he could — but nothing could be said.
Margrave Gordluff was just grinding his teeth.

Mary just stared at the floor.

“Then, Demon King-sama, it’s about time.”

The girl whispered.

“Well, let’s start then.”

 With his legs down, the Demon King clapped his hands.

“This will be our first summit meeting.”

This meeting, which began with fear, would soon determine the fate of the Tristram kingdom.


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  1. And so, the demon king used the power of economics to feed his people.

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    1. mhm, I agree. Finally something interesting going on though in the plot. Thanks for the chapter and I hope it continues! 🙂


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