Demon King of Phantom Thief Chapter 22

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Demon King of Phantom Thief, Witness the Awakening of Dragon

The Demon King appeared in the castle again, and the treaty was concluded very quickly.
Substitute King Gordluff was busy with paperwork.
Tomorrow, the king’s younger sister, Emelia, would officially announce the treaty.

The reason Emelia was chosen as the speaker was to reduce the shock of the people.
The Margrave’s loud voice sometimes excited the people, but it was not suitable for such an announcement.

Tonight, the Margrave would sign his signature on the scroll given by the minister in the office.
However, as for the written contents, the people needed to check it themselves.
It was difficult for those who had presbyopia.

“Margrave Goldluff! There is something I have to tell you immediately!”
“What is it, so noisy.”

There was no point in telling the king anything anymore, so lately all information had come to Margrave.
The messenger held his breath and said,

“The astrologer has read that the dragon has awakened!”

The Margrave was stunned for some time at the unexpected report.

“……… a dragon? Why now of all time?!”

Dragon — It had destroyed many nations on the continent until it was sealed by a hero 1500 years ago.
Legendary Beast — A Living Disaster.

“But the continent is in the midst of war … this time with a dragon …”

Problem came one after another.
Margrave held his head.

“The place … do you know where it is …?”
“Yes, I don’t know exactly, but it’s definitely in the Demon Kingdom!”

If the Demon King couldn’t deal with the dragon, Tristram Kingdom would have to sent reinforcements.
However, it was clear that the reinforcements was only water to a burning lava.
At least if the dragon only rampaged in the Demon Kingdom territory and stay there-.

“… Immediately prepare messengers for the Demon Kingdom. I’ll make the letter right away.”
“Yes, I understand!”

As the messenger left the office, the Margrave sighed.
Then he tapped his own cheek lightly and started writing on new scroll.


“If the dwarf-produced minerals are so precious, we need to inspect them.”

At lunchtime tea time, Diana said that.

“Just by seeing the great figure of Demon King-sama the productivity will increase, and if there are any problems, can I grill them?”
“I see, what you say is interesting for the kingdom.”

Keith decided to take Aleira and Diana.
Aleira’s [gate] was essential as a means of transportation, and Diana had a useful skill [Secretary] in this case.

“Then get ready!”

Aleira casted the spell and opened the Gate.
Went through the black space where thunders were striking.
Beyond was the Dwarven village.

Solid stone houses were lined up at equal intervals.
Dwarven village who had good masonry skills were the second most developed territory in the Demon Kingdom territory after Demon King Castle.


However, when the three of them arrived in the village, they felt uncomfortable.

“It’s really quiet …”

There was always a loud sound of pickaxes coming from the mine, but the three of them couldn’t hear it today.

“Let’s go to the Elder’s house for now.”

Keith and the others went to a house, knocking the door of the elder’s house.

“Yes, please come inside.”

When Keith opened the small door, the elder was sitting on the rock chair.
Every day, he picked up his pickaxe so his hands were hard…… But now he was holding a rose-shaped quilt, needles and thread.

“I think it’s sometimes necessary to take a break … but if you want to take a break there is probably a rest area in the mine. Then why knitting… and it looks quite good too…”
“That means the messenger has not yet arrived at Demon King Castle …”

The elder said he was making a muffler by knitting it himself.

“Demon King-sama, a serious problem has actually occurred …!”
“Stop knitting for now.”
“Sorry for my rudeness! Anyway, seeing is believing, I will guide you to the mine.”

The Elder placed the ball of yarn and took Keith and the others to the mine.
Dwarven mines were caves that were piercing deep into the steep rock mountain — It should be like that.

“Hey Elder, is this the right place? This mountain has no cave anywhere.”
“That’s right. That’s the problem… One day, a mountain suddenly appeared and blocked the cave and made us unable to work at all.”

They didn’t know what is this.
But they knew that it was not a good thing.

Without minerals, the Demon King’s equipments would not be made in time.
This was one of the reasons, but the biggest problem was that it would be impossible to export to the Tristram Kingdom.

In exchange, that would make food import impossible.
The food problem had to be resolved quickly to feed the army.

“The mountain suddenly … what do you mean?”

Keith was tilting his head.

“I see, this is surprising …”

It was Diana who said that.

“I’m sorry, I’ll explain. First, this is not just a mountain.”

Diana touched the black rock.
Large purple crystals protruded from the rocks.

“Can’t you dig this crystal?”
“I had tried it, but when I hit it with pickaxe, there was an earthquake. Everyone is afraid if there is any curse behind it.”
“Of course that will happen.”

Diana said.

“This thing is a single creature”
“That’s a lie … this is …!?”

A huge mountain where one’s head would likely hurt when they looked at the top.
Saying that this was a single creature – that was a surprise.

“Yes. I’ve never seen it before, but this is definitely a dragon.”
“Dragon you say …!?”

The elder kneeled down.

“It’s over … everything will be eaten …”

Saying that, the Elder covered his bearded face with both hands.

“Dragon, huh. I had heard about it from boss, but I thought it was just a fairy tale. A being that can destroy the world.”
“That’s right. Right now it’s just awaken, but if it’s completely awake … it will rampage and destroying the world.”
“Is there a way to stop it?”
“That is……”

Diana said for a moment, but said hesitantly.

“It’s a very … very unpleasant fact, but … only the power of the hero can be used against the dragon. Long time ago, the hero had sealed the dragon …”
“I see, that is a problem.”

Germ, the hero, was now just a villager.
However, returning the skills and stats to Germ was bad.
If Keith returned them, Germ would bite him again.

“Diana, as a Summoner,… can you do something … “
“Forgive me. With my power, that is impossible.”

Diana bowed deeply.

“Isn’t it possible to kill the dragon before it completely awaken? Aleira should have some highly destructive magic.”
“I’m sorry, but that’s difficult …”
“Demon King-sama! How about teaming up with the dragon and destroying the world! That’s definitely gonna be fun!”

Aleira was staring at the huge mountain with shining eyes.

“Stop that. Even if you say that you want to team up with the dragon, there is nothing you can do with a being who do not hear what Summoner says. ”

Ginlow and Victor, who remained in the castle, were also specialized in man-to-man combat.
It would be difficult to make the dragon listened to what they wanted.

(If it’s like that, I need to do something about this …?)

Keith looked up at the dragon.
If he looked closely, it was certainly not just a mountain.

When Keith looked at it with Identification Glass, it had a really high status
For a single creature, it was an astronomical number.

“It’s bad …”

The moment Keith muttered, a huge earthquake occurred with a roar.
The mountain shook.
Rocks that were on it collapsed.

Oooooooooooooooooo …

A huge head with horns came out from the mountain.
A large tail hits the earth surface, scattering dust.
A huge mountain was moving slowly.

“It’s awakening is near …!”
“… Diana, what is it thinking right now?”

Summoner had the skill [Sympathy] that could read the heart of animals.
Dragon were no exception.
Listening to Keith’s words, Diana looked up at the gigantic head.

“This is …what is the meaning of this!?”

Diana opened her eyes wide.

“What did you understand?”
“I will decipher it … I want to eat … I want to eat … I don’t want to eat … I don’t want to eat …it hurts… It hurts.”

Conflicting emotions, mixed with desire and pain, that did not relate to destroying the world.
That was the one that controlled this huge dragon.


Keith had found one possibility from this fact.

“It is worth trying …”

Keith’s Identification Glass glowed.


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  1. Thanks for the translation! I wonder, is the dragon actually more like a giant turtle?

    I found the following mistakes and stuff:

    >Tomorrow, the king’s younger sister, Emelia, would also officially announced the treaty

    “would official announce the treaty.”

    >Margrave loud voice sometimes excited the people, but it was not suitable for such an announcement.

    “The Margrave’s loud voice”

    >It was difficult for presbyopia.

    “It was difficult for those with presbyopia.”

    >“Margrave Goldluff! There is something I want to tell you immediately!”

    “There is something I have to tell you”

    >Dwarves village who had good masonry skills were the second most developed territory in the Demon

    Dwarven villages

    >Without minerals, the Demon King’s equipments would not in time.

    “would not be made in time.” I think.

    >The food problem was urgently needed to feed the army.

    I’m not sure here, I think it’s something like “The food problem had to be solved urgently in order to feed the army”.

    >“It’s over … everything was eaten …”

    Not sure either, it’s not wrong, but I think it should be in future tense: “everything will be eaten…”

    Thanks again and cheers!


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