Demon King of Phantom Thief Chapter 23

I have several questions(lol, it’s just one), between its and it’s which one is the possessive word?

Here is the chapter. As I said before, in a few hours so here it is. Enjoy the chapter. I think I don’t need to say it again but correct me if there are mistakes or typos.

Demon King of Phantom Thief, Make The Dragon His Pet

Guooooooooooooooooo …

The earthquake was getting bigger and bigger.
It was not possible for normal people to stood up anymore.
Keith once again looked at the dragon.

“Hey, dragon! I’ll ease your pain now!”

Keith flipped his cape and ran up to the giant dragon’s body.
The reflex of a Phantom Thief, and an exquisite sense of balance had made it possible to moved freely on a large giant that kept moving.

From the tail, reminiscent of the Great Wall, to the mountain-like back that stretched endlessly.
Keith ran and jumped.

The skills of the dragon, which could be said to be countless, flowed into [Identification Glass].
Keith looked at one of them.

Keith reached the dragon’s huge head that looked like a house and placed his palm on the black rock.


-Stealing one skill.


The earthquake had subsided.
At the same time,

Bo … bo … Boeeeeeeeeeeeee!

A large amount of mineral was sprayed from the giant mouth.
It was just like a sparkling waterfall.

Diana, Aleira, and the dwarf elder looked up at it.
When there were no minerals left, the dragon had a relieved face.


“Now you are not in pain again.”

Keith lifted his hand from the dragon’s huge head and fluttered his cloak.

“Demon King-sama, what is this …?”
“Everything was due to its skill. Aleira, pull out the crystals that are on it’s back. That’s probably the cause of the pain.”
“I understand!”

Aleira activated gravity magic and pulled out each of the purple crystals.
Every time the crystals were pulled out and fell to the ground with zusin, the dragon made a pleasant voice.


“Skill …you say?”
“It’s [Gluttony].”

Skill [Gluttony] — A skill that made the user to ate everything that was seen.
It was something like a curse that couldn’t be stopped by oneself.

“I see, so it was eating mineral so much that it was suffering from the crystals in its body.”
“This skill would force the dragon to devour the world. The legend of the dragon is over today.”

Maybe the dragon noticed that Keith had eliminated it’s suffering, and the dragon bowed on Keith with its huge head.

“Demon King-sama, the dragon feel deeply grateful to Demon King-sama and it is willing to follow you
“… I’ve got a big pet. I need to give it a name.”


“Okay, your name is Nboon from today.”
“Such a name … no, no … I know it’s a deserving name for Demon King-sama’s pet”
“Can this guy understand what I am saying?”(TN: want me to translate the name of the dragon Nboon(from its roar) or make it a little cooler like Nbourne?)

When Keith asked, Diana nodded.

“Yes, it seems like it can understand human language if it is a simple one.”
“Well, then Diana, Aleira, let’s get on this guy’s back!”

All three of them climbed the huge back from the tail.
When they reached the top, they could the see Dwarves houses in the distance.
It was a good view.

“So high!”

Aleira was swinging her cane.
Keith said while watching the situation.

“But if I have such a big pet, what about its food? Even if I include the food from Tristram Kingdom, that’s only enough to feed the army.”
“Don’t worry about it.”

Diana replied, fluttering her silver hair from the wind.

“Dragon — Nboon is an ore-eating monster. It will eat rocks, mud, or whatever it is.”

Far from cheap feeding, Keith didn’t need to prepared anything.
No pet was this easy to feed.

“I think [Gluttony] is deciding what kind of food it eat. By the way, it’s feces is also a suitable soil for farming.”
“That’s good, but as expected we still need to import food for now.”

Skill [Rule] activated.

“I want to raise my food self-sufficiency a little, because we can’t always rely on the Tristram kingdom.”
“As you say.”
“Well, let’s just go home for now. Nboon! Right, turn right!”


With a loud roar, Nboon turn it’s head towards the Demon King Castle.

“Demon King-sama! No word is enough to thank you this time! Now we can get back to work!”

In response to the elder’s words, Keith waved his hand.

The movement of the dragon body was slow, but the movement speed was quite fast because of its huge size.
While enjoying the scenery and the wind breeze, Keith and the others quickly arrived at Demon King Castle.

“What, what is that! The mountain is moving!”

With boss in the front, all the thieves coming out of the fort looked small like beans.

“It’s your new companion! Get along with it!”

As Keith shouted, Nboon responded with a roar.

-Three weeks later.

Tristram’s messenger was riding horse at full speed to Demon King Castle to told then a serious disaster that the astrologer had read.
The messenger sore the [Demon Beast Wrap] given by the Demon King, so the messenger would not be attacked by demons.

“Demon King-sama! I’m from Tristram Kingdom!”

A table was placed outside the Demon King Castle where Keith and the others thieves were drinking tea.
The messenger got off the horse and knelt beside Keith.

“Astrologer from my kingdom had confirmed that the dragon had awakened in the Demon Kingdom! Please read the letter for details!”
“Is that the dragon you are talking about?”
“That …?”

The messenger gazed at the rocky mountain pointed to by Keith.

“Hey, Nboon!”


Nboon was drinking tea from a huge barrel, and shook its huge body and replied happily.

“Hi, Hiii!”
“Tell the King. The disaster of the world has become a wonderful pet for the Demon King.”

The messenger just sat down there and did not move for a while.


10 thoughts on “Demon King of Phantom Thief Chapter 23

  1. Well first off, Its = Possessive, It’s is a contraction meaning it is or it has depending on the tense.

    Secondly, there wasn’t actually much this time. Huh.

    It was not possible for normal people to stood up anymore. > It was not possible for normal people to stand up anymore. (Stood is past tense, this is current so Stand.)

    As for his name, is it literally just him repeating his roar, if so then just keep it as the roar (Chalk another MC to the “can’t name for shit” wall). If it is some name based on the sound but some play on it then get creative as it probably won’t translate directly.

    Oh and an aside, the dragon is probably a drake as it has no wings (honestly sounds like a giant turtle/tortoise though), pretty much no one bothers to get the classifications right so don’t worry bout it (4 legs + wings = Dragon, 2 legs + wings = Wyvern, 4 Legs + no wings = Drake. 2 Legs + No wings = Lindwurm, Basically a biggass snake = Wyrm, Biggass snake with wings = Amphiptere). There are a lot of classifications cause Dark Age / Medival Europe really liked their Dragons, and there were a lot of variants.


    1. ‘there wasn’t actually much this time. Huh.’ what? You really want torture me that much?(lol)… And about the dragon, the raw said ryuu which mean dragon so I don’t know about that …but well, japanese authors usually write wyvern, drake, lindwurm in katakana(how japanese write foreign language) not ryuu. Or maybe I’m wrong. Well let’s just see it in the future


      1. it’s probably an earth dragon, you know the ones you see in fantasy isekai mangas. and also Nboon seems to be a better name than roar in my opinion though.


      2. There is a slight difference between 龍 (mostly used for eastern – the flying eel type)、竜 (mostly used for western the wyverns with hands type)


  2. Thanks for the translation!

    It’s is short for “it is” or “it has”, while its is the possessive.

    >The reflex of a Phantom Thief, and an exquisite sense of balance had made it possible to moved freely on a large giant that kept moving.

    “The reflexes […] possible to move freely”

    >“Demon King-sama, the dragon feel deeply grateful to Demon King-sama and it is willing to follow you

    “the dragon feels deeply grateful”

    >The messenger sore the [Demon Beast Wrap] given by the Demon King, so the messenger would not be attacked by demons.

    Just a typo, “the messenger wore”

    Good work and cheers!


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