Demon King of Phantom Thief Chapter 26 Part 1

I will divide this chapter into two parts because, umm… The gore scene is… Umm, how do I describes it… It’s like reading nasty hentai that is describes in detail…(It’s not like I read hentai okay? Don’t misunderstand that. Hmph.)

Anyway, here is the chapter. Enjoy it!

Diana, Torturing The Assassin

“After tea time, it’s time to take a walk, right Fenrir?”

Abigail was listening to it, while sticking close to the cliff.

(Is it a child’s voice?)

From the sound of the voice indicated that the opponent was not facing Abigail.
Abigail slowly peeked from the cliff and saw the source of the voice

As expected she was a child.

In her black dress, Abigail saw the back of a girl with silver hair.
But the girl wasn’t with a dog(TN: wait this is the first time the author mentioned Diana’s body right? The author only described Diana as bishoujo before but now Abigail said she is a child… Maybe a teen is a child for Abigail?)

Rather it was a huge wolf that Abigail had never seen before.

(Don’t be deceived by her appearance. This is a demon nest after all….)

Abigail’s action was fast.

Abigail was running quickly from the cliff, and drew her sword and slashed at the girl.


A slash from the side to cut the girl’s neck, accompanied by a small sound of cutting bone.
The small head rolled down, spurting out a lot of blood.

However, Abigail couldn’t feel relieved.
Her opponent was a demon, and sometimes demon couldn’t be killed even if their neck was cut.

Abigail cut the girl’s pretty arms with her sword,
Cutting her shoulder to her waist.
Abigail also cut both of the girl’s legs.

The body part of the pretty girl rolled on the ground, spattering blood.
The giant wolf was just sniffing the dismembered girl, like it was nothing.

(If I do this, as expected even a demon will …)

The moment Abigail tried to wipe her sweat on her forehead — she heard a voice.


Cold was running on Abigail’s back.
That voice was certainly the voice of the girl who was talking to the wolf earlier.

“Ara ara ara ara ara ara?”

The girl’s neck rolled by itself and looked at Abigail.
A red lip that looked like blood moved.(TN: Wow this is creepy. I shudder when translating it)

“… It seems like there is a guest. Fenrir?”

She was talking.
Even though her body was dismembered, she was still talking as if it was nothing.


If she escaped from here, Abigail maybe would be safe.
However, Abigail’s feet were sewn to the ground by the terrible thing happening in front of her.
Guru – and the wolf began to devour the girl’s body.

Gafugafu, gafugafu, kucha, pecha, gorit, baki

“Ufufu, Fenrir, It’s tickling …”

The dismembered head was laughing.
The wolf ate the girl body, her legs and arms were swallowed, also tearing her torso then ate it, and blood were all over the wolf’s mouth.

“Ufufu …”

Eventually, the head of the laughing girl was crushed and swallowed by the big jaw.
The wolf then licked the large amount of blood that was on the ground.

(Is it eating their own kind?)

Abigail did not know the demon’s culture.
If your body could increase the strength of your kind, then it’s fine if your kind eat it, was it something like that?
But then, the wolf was her next opponent.


Abigail held up her sword.
This was not the first time Abigail had fight against a monster.
But it was dangerous to thought of this wolf as the same monster that she had encountered before.

“Ufufu …”

Abigail heard the girl’s laugh again.

(From where……?)

Abigail’s well-trained ears could tell from where it was.
But she didn’t want to believe it — she couldn’t believe it.

――The voice came from the wolf’s body.


The wolf suddenly began to shiver.
It started to shaking as if being possessed by something.
After stretching its neck and howling loudly, it vomited through its mouth which still had blood all over.

Ga, gol, gluh, ga, gh, gh

At the next moment, the wolf’s back opened


The wolf was rolling its eyes until only the white part was seen.


A naked girl covered in mucus came out from the back the wolf.

“What …!!”
“My clothes had melted …”

There was not even a scar on the shiny white skin of the girl who had been cut apart.
Her silver hair was covered with mucus.
Her lips were red like blood, but she had a terrible smile that wasn’t suitable for a pretty girl.

“It was a very nice greeting. Then in exchange, I’ll welcome you …”

As the girl spread her arms, a tentacle suddenly popped out of the empty space.


Abigail jumped quickly and cut the four tentacles that appeared.
The tentacles fell to the ground, splattering green blood.

The opponent was a monster.
Abigail had no idea what would happen next.

The girl was still looking at Abigail, smiling.
The moment Abigail took a step back, something hit her back.


Abigail turned around — but it was too late.
Abigail’s entire body was entangled by something that looked like an invisible tentacle.

“Wha … this is … Ugh … Guaaa!”

Abigail dropped the sword because of the pain from the grasp of the tentacles.
The tentacles were wet like octopus and entangled her while licking her whole body.

“Ara ara, Artemia. It seems that you like the guest.”

The girl pulled out her slim legs from the wolf’s back and landed on the ground.
A nude beautiful girl was walking to Abigail who was entangled by tentacles.
Abigail was prepared for death.

“You monster … kill me if you can!”
“I might have done that if I am Aleira. Of course, after having fun.”

With her finger that were covered in mucus, The girl stroked Abigail’s stomach.

“I am not going to kill you easily. I have the duty as the head of the four heavenly kings, Artemia.”

As if responding to the girl’s voice, a thick tentacle with a pointed tip appeared.

“Hii …!”

The tentacle was wriggling and aiming at Abigail’s body.
Things that were more terrifying than dying – something like that

“Thank you for your attack before.”


A thick tentacle pierced Abigail’s belly directly from the front.


Abigail screamed.

She thought she would die.
Then she would escape this nightmare.

But the reality was not so gentle.

――There was no pain anymore.
And Abigail was still alive.
But something was wriggling inside her body.

TN: And here I thought there will be another heroine… Oh right, do you know how to increase size font on wordpress? I had try it but it was for one paragraph only… If I do that manually then maybe I’ll break…


6 thoughts on “Demon King of Phantom Thief Chapter 26 Part 1

  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    Tags: Gore, Vore, Tentacles, Yuri

    I found these two mistakes:

    >However, Abigail’s feet were sewn to the ground the terrible thing happening in front of her.

    You missed a “by”, “sewn to the ground by the terrible thing”

    >“I am not going to kill you easily. I have the duty as the head of the four heavenly king, Artemia.”

    And here it should be the plural “kings” instead of “king”.

    This chapter was creepy af :O

    Anyhow, great work, cheers!


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