Demon King of Phantom Thief Chapter 26 Part 2

Still a nasty chapter like before….

Enjoy the chapter guys!

Part 2

“Wha, what … what are you doing …”

Hearing Abigail’s words, the girl laughed.

“Artemia … this child really love humans, so …”

The girl stroke Abigail’s belly.
There was not even a drop of blood there.

“This child want to lay its eggs in you. It seems like the human womb is perfect for hatching egg.”
“…………… !!!”

Abigail’s head turned white.
Egg? Inside me? An egg?

“Kill, I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you, kill, kill, kill!”

Abigail twisted her body that was entangled by tentacles and shouted.

“I hate noisy people … the first one.”

The thick tentacle had somehow swollen, and “something” was sent into Abigail’s body.

“If you don’t hear me, I’ll send the egg one by one like this. Be a good child.”
“Ah … ah … ah …”

“Something” went deep inside Abigail’s body.
The next moment, a lightning strike her head.

“Ahi … Ahii …… Ahiiiii!”
“Fufu … That tentacle, together with the eggs, send in secretions that can make humans obedient … but it can also make humans crazy. So I don’t know exactly what will happen. I’ll ask you questions while observing you. Did you hear me?”

The girl touched Abigail’s ear with her fingers that were wet with mucus.

“Kill … me … kill … me …”
“Don’t say such a thing. You should value your life more. Yes, the second one.”

Egg and also secretions were sent in again.

“Then the question is. Where are you from? If you don’t answer, I’ll send in three eggs. If you answer, then only one egg.”
“A, Ashtran Empire!
“Oh is that so, then one egg.”


“Then the next question.”

As the girl asked more questions, Abigail sanity slowly went away
The human that was left with only the body answered the girl’s question.

“What is your name?”
“Abi … ge … Abi … a …”
“Oh, it looks like you are broken already. Did I overdo it a bit?”

The girl sighed as she caressed Abigail’s belly who was twitching.

“E… hehe … hehehehihihi …”

Abigail was laughing with tears all over her face.

“Well, I’ll just keep asking questions.”
“Eh …… hihi …… fue…… kiff me………… hihi ……”


“What are you doing”

It was Victor who appeared.
Even after looking at the two peoples covered with mucus, he was still expressionless.

“I’m not dressed right now. Don’t look at me.”

Victor turned his body silently.

“A little human guest had arrived. I was just welcoming her.”
“Aleira was saying that too … Though the guest died.”
“As expected. That child will kill humans right away. Then I’ll keep this child …”

Victor extended his right hand casually.
A handgun came out of his sleeve.

“… There is another rat.” 

Victor pulled the trigger towards the distance.

――After a short time, a scream was heard.

“Don’t tell me you have killed it. You are not having fun like Aleira, right?

The handgun and bullet were connected by a thin steel wire.
When Victor bend his elbow, the steel wire was pulled.
From the other side of the rock, a struggling woman tied to a steel wire rolled on ground.

“Well done Victor! Then I will interrogate her!”

Turning away from the assassin with eggs inside her, Diana summoned a new tentacle.

“Hi …… hiii …… hiiii!”

From the other side of the rock, she had seen everything.
What her companion had experience and what she would happen to her.


Victor shot the tentacle.

“What is it?”
“I caught this guy. I will hand her to Demon King-sama.”
“You are really serious as always. Well, that’s not a bad thing.”

-After all, only one of the three assassins was able to remained as a living “human.”

She must had been lucky because they attacked the Demon King Castle, the demon’s den.
The tied assassin and the “broken” assassin were brought to the Demon King.


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