Demon King of Phantom Thief Chapter 27

A long chapter but not long enough to divide it into two chapter, dammit.

Here is the chapter, enjoy it!

Demon King of Phantom Thief, Teaches The Importance of Life

Kaitou Demon King teaches the importance of life
“Intruders had appeared in the castle.”

Keith was riding the wolf with the Aldberg thieves.

“… so they finally began to appear?”

At present, the construction of the fort was almost complete, so if the intruders could reach the Demon King Castle, that mean they had some skill.

“Who send them … well, they won’t talk about that, huh.”

Trained assassins never leak information, no matter how much they were tortured.
This was the knowledge that Keith learned through his skill [Rule].
But Diana said as if it was nothing.

“They are three members of the 13th Corps of the Ashtran Empire, Abigail, Zelkin and Elada. The emperor told them to take the demon king’s life. They told me that they came here with the help of an old map.”
“Wait wait, wait, they are unexpectedly honest.”

Keith descended from the wolf.

“Anyway, I want to meet them and talk to them.”
“Of the three, Zelkin was killed by Aleira Qualiator. The remaining two were captured intact.”

The one who encountered Aleira had a bad luck.

“Who caught them?”
“Me and Victor.”
“Well done. I want to talk to them. I will have an audience with them.”

An audience was suitable during this case.
Keith must carve his power in the opponent’s eyes.
Otherwise, more assassins would be sent in the future.


Keith sat on the black throne, which had a frightening shaped.
The place where the previous Demon King was once defeated – such a mysterious feeling.

(Am I going to be killed soon…?)

The Ashtran Empire had clearly wanted to take Keith’s life.


Probably, there would be many times when Keith’s life would be targeted.
That was what it means to reigned as a demon king.

(But now, starting a war with the Ashtran Empire isn’t a wise choice …)

Keith’s skill [Strategy] activated.

(The army of the Demon Kingdom is not yet ready. However, it is not good to approach the Allies. They maybe will think that I am seeking asylum.)

While thinking about such a thing,

“Demon King-sama, I have brought the intruders.”

Diana’s voice came from behind the door.


As the door opened, Diana and Victor came in with two women.


One had her eyes filled with fear and entered silently while shivering.
She must had seen something scary.

-Or maybe she was still seeing it right now.

“Ehi, ehi, ehi…… uheeeee … abi aaa …”

The other one was in dangerous state.
Keith didn’t know what happened, but it seemed that she wasn’t able to walked anymore and came in while riding a wolf.
Her belly was swollen and only the white part of her eyes were seen, she was laughing, and sometimes she was convulsing with bikunbikun.

Except for that one woman, they all fell on their knees.

“Yes, Demon King-sama.”
“You said that they were intact.”

Diana looked up at Keith.

“I haven’t even scratched her … the hole in her stomach that Artemia made to lay eggs was already closed too.”

Eggs were laid on her womb—

“How should I say this, life is important, but you should also keep their sanity …”
“I understand, Demon King-sama.”

Diana bowed again.
Well, what was done was done, nothing could change it.
Keith asked one of the intruder who was somehow still sane.

“First tell me your name.”

Upon hearing Keith’s words, the woman raised her head as if she was in a hurry.

“My, my name is Elada! I’m here from the order of His Majesty the Emperor to… ta, take the life of Demon King-sama….”

The terrified Elada had completely lost her pride as an assassin.

“So you came to take my life.”
“Yes … I’m afraid … but it’s like that …”

As she trembled, she began to teared up.

“I’ll zo anizing … I’ll zo anizing …preaze, only ma life…”

While having a runny nose, Elada said that.
Even though she had come to take his own life, Keith felt sorry for her.
Keith felt a hundred times more sorry for the other woman.

“Let’s make a promise. You two will return alive.”

Upon hearing that, Elada opened her mouth, trembling.

Keith didn’t say that just because he felt sorry.
This was decided from the beginning.

“This one will spare you and send you to the empire. Do you know what that means?”
“Ye, yesh!”

Our kingdom don’t want to involve ourselves with your empire — they were a living letters written like that.

“So Diana, gather the four heavenly kings here. I want to talk a bit. Send those two out. Of course, don’t let them escape.”

If they escaped with their own strength, Keith’s “letter” would lose its meaning.

“I understand. Then Elada, follow this child.”
“Ye, yesh, I undefstanf!”

While Abigail was laughing and convulsing on its back, the wolf went out of the room.
Elada then followed the wolf.

“Please wait a moment.”

Diana said that, and she disappeared in the [gate], which could only be used inside the Demon King Castle.
Keith sighed deeply.

“You should take it easy.”
“… Yes.”

Victor stood up slowly.
Tattered black coat and black hat.
Keith didn’t know what he was thinking.

However, this man was the only one who captured the intruder ‘intact’.

“Victor. Recently, I start to think that you are the most normal one among the four heavenly kings.”
“…… That words of praise, how kind Demon King-sama.”

(In any case, the four heavenly kings have to learn about how humans think. They had interaction with the Aldberg thieves, so that should be a good start. And I think this is a good opportunity.)

“Sorry to make you waiting.”

Diana came out of [Gate] with Aleira and Ginlow.
The four heavenly kings had gathered and kneeled in front of the throne.

“… the four heavenly kings have come before you.”

In response to Diana’s words, the four heavenly kings bowed deeply.

“Okay, raise your head. I have something to say to you.”

The four heavenly kings raised their face.

“This is about dealing with the enemy, except during times of war. Especially Aleira, you should listen carefully.”

Aleira replied cheerfully.
Keith crossed his fingers.

“Because you are so powerful, you should be able to capture the enemy alive. In the future, I want you to do that.”
“… I’m sorry if I’m rude”

It was Ginlow who spoke.

“Anyone who is prepared to kill is naturally prepared to be killed … that is kind of respect to our enemy.”

As a natural warrior, Ginlow maybe felt more pity to those that were alive and captures than those were died in battle.
But – Keith couldn’t change his opinion.

“Then answer this Ginlow. Your pride as a warrior and the Demon King’s reign. Which one one you should prioritize?”


A loud sound was heard from the audience room.

――That was the sound of Ginlow hitting head on the floor.

“I don’t know the deep thoughts of Demon King-sama! If you give me your order, I will give you this life immediately! I ask for your forgiveness!”

Ginlow’s voice that came from the bottom of his heart shook the room.

“… No, I just need you to understand. I won’t take your life. Raise your head.”

Ginlow turned his shining silver face to Keith. 

“Thank you deeply for your mercy Demon King-sama!”

Keith decided to continue his talk.

“In other words, I want the enemy to be captured alive. The death of the enemy will only bring new hostility.”

The four heavenly kings nodded. 

“Furthermore, prisoner of war can also be an important card. Remember this too. They are cards for when we negotiate with the nations in this continent. Do you understand, Aleira?”
“Yes! Humans are cards! I understand!”

With her red eyes glittering, Aleira replied so.
It looked suspicious whether she understand or not.

“And one more thing. If you are forced to kill, you’ll have to mourn the body.”
“Mourning is it?”

Diana, who should have the most knowledge among the four heavenly kings, tilted her head.

“Mourning, don’t you know how to do it?”
“I had learned about it before from books. I think it is a custom of burning or burying human bodies… Is that right?”

Diana said that.

“It is a culture to prevent odors and poisons from the corpses. In this demon territory, human corpses are devoured by the monsters, so I thought it was not necessary … … “

Diana’s words were not wrong.
But that was far from what the human thought about mourning.

“Humans believe in peace after death.”

Keith told the four heavenly kings.

“Most humans believe that polite mourning after death allows the dead people to go to heaven, even if they are enemies.”

Upon hearing that, Diana opened her purple eyes.

“So it’s like that. Mourning the dead body of the enemy is something to let them reach that after life peace…”

Diana understood that quickly.
It would be good if the other three also understood.

“That’s right. So put the body of the man named Zelkin in the coffin …”

At that moment, Keith had a very bad feeling.

“Aleira, where is the corpse?”
“I let the maid get rid of it because it’s so dirty! It’s probably going to be a monster food soon!”
“Retrieve it! Now!”

Diana summoned the butler Joseph with [Gate] and then instructed the maid to retrieved Zelkin’s corpse.
The maid then appeared again with a large wooden box.

“Here is the corpse.”

The limbs were popping out of a large piece of meat, and the white-eyed head was on it.

“Ugh …”

I will have nightmare tonight – Keith was convinced.


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