Demon King of Phantom Thief Chapter 30

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Victor, Return to the Empire

Four heavenly kings was a special existence in the Demon King’s army.
Each of them had overwhelming ability whether it was to other demons or humanity.

Summoner Diana who had a good brain and could summon monsters.
Swordsman Ginlow who was unparalleled as a warrior.
Black Mage Aleira Qualiator who was capable of using a wide variety of magic and could control the precisely.

And the last one, the grim reaper gunslinger, Victor, also excelled at something.

――That was, espionage.

Skill [Blend In] couldn’t completely cut off presence like [Stealth].
However, this skill made the user looked natural with the surrounding so it was hard to spot the use of this skill.
It also had a characteristic that it could be activated for a long time.

Victor activated [Blend In] and slipped through the gate of the Ashtran Imperial City.
Standing with a tattered black coat and a black hat, anyone didn’t notice him if he used this skill.

The capital of the Ashtran Empire was more organized than the Kingdom of Tristram.
The city had become a city with urban development based on national plans.
There were guards in dark blue uniforms standing here and there.

And this city was buzzing with activities.

Middle-aged women chatting.
Boy who was doing errand in a hurry.
A peddler who was slowly pulling a cart.

Victor looked at them and walked around.
When he found an inn, he booked a room there.

-[Hearing Enhancement].

As soon as Victor activated this skill, he could hear the voice inside the inn.

“I don’t know why the price of vegetable rise …”
“My friend who was a traveler like me …”
“That means she wasn’t someone important …”

Hearing the conversation in the inn, Victor went outside again.
Walking around the city again.
Then, sometimes he stopped in front of an inn or tavern and activated [Hearing Enhancement].

“The sake here is good but the food here is …”

Victor listened to the boring gossip then moved on to the next place.
One day passed, two days passed, and three days passed.
Every day, Victor wandered around the inn and the tavern.

“In the end, we divorce, if it’s like this then from the beginning I …”
“Give me a glass of water, just now I …”
“Like I said, about the general …”


Victor opened the door of the tavern and went inside.


No one cared about him after that, even if Victor was in the back without even asking for water.
That was the power of the skill [Blend In].


The second floor of the tavern was private rooms.
That room was for men and women to flirt while enjoying drinks and meals, and to talk about things that couldn’t be heard by other people.
As a result, the walls were made thicker so that voices could not come out.

-[Hearing enhancement].

“… We have our limitation. However, we can’t let the general involves with this. Because of that we need someone who can command the army.”
“The general is opposed to this two-front war. But isn’t the preparation is enough already?”
“If we don’t have a chance to succeed this coup d’état, we can’t move. We need something to push us…”

-[Blend In], deactivated.

At that moment, the voice inside the room stopped.


A moment of silence, then.


When the door of the private room opened, a man rushed out.
The man grabbed Victor and pointed his knife at Victor’s throat then covered it with a thick cloth.
The cloth was used to suck the blood and left as little blood stains on the floor as possible.

“… how far have you heard?”

The man said.

“Everything …”

Victor answered calmly.

“Then too bad.”

The man dragged Victor into the room.
The door was quickly closed by the other man.

There was a blanket already prepared in the room.
This could be used to erase the trace of killing Victor.

There were 11 men inside.
As they approached, the man, who held Victor, pushed Victor onto the blanket.

“I’m sorry, but for justice … you should die!”

A knife was stabbed into Victor’s throat.



The man stared at the knife that was broken.

“What are you doing! Do it quickly!”

The man was then given another knife, and this time he tried to slice Victor’s throat, but the knife only slid on the white throat.
Victor gently grabbed the arm of the man that held him.

“Don’t be so excited … I can’t be killed with a knife …”

The man whose hand was grabbed with the power of a vice, said.

“I, I’m sorry, it hurt …”

Victor gently pushed away the man, stood up then picked up his hat.
Despite the man who was shouting in pain, Victor calmly dusted his hat.


The other men stepped back and took out their knives from their pockets.

“It’s useless, stop it …”
“Who are you !?”
“I’m …”

Victor said while wearing a hat.

“I’m under Demon King-sama, one of the four heavenly kings … Gunslinger Victor … “
“Do… don’t say something confusing!”

One of the men tried to cut Victor with a knife.
Victor gripped the knife with his bare hand.


In Victor’s hand, the knife shattered and then scattered onto the floor.

“Th, this guy isn’t a human!”
“I just said that sometime ago …”

The man who had his knife shattered fell on his butt.

“After knowing our plan, are you trying to kill us …”
“Demon King-sama knows that there are humans like you …”

Victor reached out to the man.
A black shadow was casted on the man’s face.
Victor quietly said.

“Do you want power …?”

Cold sweat flowed through the temples of the men.
The light coming through the window and the shadows it created on the faces of the eleven men strangely emphasizing the silence that flowed there.


The man that fell, of course, stood alone, without help from Victor.

“Put down your knife …”

One of the men said.
He seemed to be the leader.

“This guy is someone who can kill us all if he wants to …”

The men put down their knives.

“Certainly we want power. That’s why … we’re willing to work with the demon!”

The man said that loudly.

“We want power, that’s why we ask you to lend a hand … but what is the relationship between our coup d’etat and the Demon King?”
“I don’t know what Demon King-sama’s deep thought … the order given to me is to make your plans succeed …”

Victor tried to remember the order given by Keith in his mind.

‘Help and protect them. If the coup d’état fails, you need to kill every single person that was involved.’

Based on the order, Victor said.

“If the plan fail, you all need to die …”

The men then calmed down.
If the plan failed, not only the empire but also the Demon King would aim for their life.
Just like that.

“There is no escape for us anymore …”

The man bit his teeth.
The coup d’état was no longer for the peace of the empire, but one that was directly linked to his life and his men.

“What does the demon king wants? … by cooperate with the coup d’état, what compensation do you want?”

Hearing that, Victor thought.

(Compensation … Demon King-sama’s intention, except for the successful coup d’état …)

Victor retraced Keith’s words in his head in the past.

“Don’t offend your opponents …”

“Would you be angry if Ginlow and Aleira were sent in a box?”

“You also put the living ones into the coffins!?”

The fatal mistake he made – the words that Keith said.


(The Demon King-sama was upset that I put the living ones into the coffins too …)

Victor imagined the woman that was looking for water after she came out of the coffin.

“Elada …”

Everyone was surprised at Victor’s words.
Only few people knew the name of Elada Colette, as she was a member of a special corps.
A soldier of the 13th Corps, trapped in a coffin and sent to the emperor near starvation.

(I don’t know their name except that Elada, but this time I need to do this correctly …)

With that in mind, Victor said.

“Give me the life of Elada”

All the men took a breath.
According to rumors, Elada was gradually recovering.
There was also a rumor that she was taking care Abigail Turner that had lost her sanity.

–But that momentary peace would be snatched by the demon king.

“You demon …!”

The man stared at Victor.
However, at the same time, his eyes shone with a feeling that the plan was going to make great progress.

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