Heroic Exploration Tale Chapter 6

Go to the 2nd floor

This is the result of 3 months hunt, 500.000 yen for 1.000 slime magic cores x 500 yen, insecticide 85.000 yen so it’s 415.000 yen.
Over 138.000 yen per month


I’m making a lot of money.

My earning had been quadrupled at once.

Am I the only high school student who earn this much?
No, there should be many high school students who are in a higher rank.
Are the other guys making more money than this?

What should I do for the time being?

415,000 yen, it has become the highest saving in my 17 years of life.
I thought about what to use it for, but basically, my life was to go to school or dive into the dungeon.
I don’t have a particularly expensive hobby, and I don’t have a girlfriend that would make me spend money.
And I only have two friend which rarely play outside of school.

In other words, I am not gonna spend it on anything.

If so, I can save it, but the highest money I got, I want to use it for something.
I can’t think of anything to buy, but …
Eventually I decided to head to the explorer market.
Having gained confidence in the last three months, I made a decision.
I will challenge the second floor from tomorrow. To the floor where I was dying before
Just thinking about it makes me let out cold sweat. A goblin punch carved into the soul.

My body

My heart

My soul

All of them are screaming.

I don’t want to see goblin again
I want to avoid it if I can, but it’s hard to keep hunting slime all the time.
I’m finally making money, but it’s still painful. It’s mentally tough. I’m tired of the daily repetitive work.
As you can see, I’m probably the only one in the world who has a servant and only dive on the first floor
I think I should have gone to the second level sooner.
However, I kept avoiding it until now due to the fear of goblins carved into my soul and my mob guts.
However, the dream when I summoned the servant card came again.
If it comes out, it won’t disappear that easily.
After all, it is a disease that has won the temptation of 1 billion yen.
I don’t want to go, but I definitely want to go. To a floor that I haven’t seen yet.

So I’m already thinking about what to buy.
Sylphy is probably okay with the second floor. When it comes to me, I’m not okay.
As a LV 4 mob, I’m definitely weaker than a goblin. If there is no Sylphy, I could die again.
So I want to buy armor so that I won’t die that easily.
I didn’t know which one I wanted and looked at it properly, but all of them were expensive …
When it comes to armor type, millions are commonplace. Tens of millions of yen is for the good ones.
Dungeon supplies were more expensive than I expected.

It can’t be helped, so I went to the clerk’s old man

“Is there any good armor with a budget of up to about 300,000?”

“Which part?”

“Preferably whole body”

“That’s impossible”

“Eh …is that so …”

“At least one more 0 is needed for the whole body.”

“Ah, is that right?”

“Are you a beginner?”

“Yes, that’s right. Actually, I started to dive two years ago.”

“Are you on the first floor?”

“No, I’m thinking of going to the second level.”

“Then it’s a steel shield.”

“A shield, is it?”

“It’s reinforced specially for dungeons and it’s exactly 300,000. If you use it well, you can protect your whole body.”

“Can you show it to me?”

Immediately the old man brought a shield from the backyard.
It was a square shield of about 70 cm. It wasn’t very cool, but it was lighter than I expected.
I had no choice, so I took it and bought it.

“Attack from a goblin or a skeleton can’t penetrate it, depending on the weapons they have.”

After making a statement that could be taken as an uncle’s advice or a threat, I immediately dived into the dungeon.

“Sylphy, today we are going to the second floor instead of the usual slime hunting.”

“I understand. It’s my first time, but I’ll do my best.”

“I’m counting on you.”

“Thank you.”

I’m different from before.
I have a steel shield now.
Finally, I went to the second floor.
As soon as I made up my mind and went down, I encountered an absolutely strong goblin.


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