Heroic Exploration Tale Chapter 7

Battle with The Strong Goblin

There was a goblin just beside the stairs on the second floor.

I was so nervous that I thought my heart would stop. I thought I was prepared, but my dying memory flashed back and I couldn’t move.

Hmm, it’s impossible.

It looks like I’m peeing.

Weird juice comes out from my lower body.

My face turned pale and I was trembling.

It was too early for me. Now, if I go up again, I can still do it. If I don’t run away, I will die.
Sylphy then said as I was too scared after encountering a goblin.

“Master, are you okay? What’s wrong? Are you feeling sick?”

She was worried and called out.

This little girl’s voice is always gentle, has a healing sound, and restores my mental state in this state of depression.
It had enough healing power.
I returned to my sanity

“It’s okay. Leave the goblins to me.”

I said something big to this little girl.
Even though she is a little girl, she is the only person of the opposite sex who has contact with me other than my mother.
Of course, I don’t have any lolicon hobbies, but maybe because we hunted slime together every day for 3 months, there was a sense of respect for her fighting power and a feeling of relatives as if she is my sister. Unfortunately I never had a real sister.
I’ll show this goblin that I’m different now.


I charged toward the goblin.
“Come here!!!!”
I yelled out loud.
My weapon is a 1500 yen wooden sword that I bought as a souvenir for myself on my junior high school school trip
And the 300,000 yen steel shield I bought.


If I didn’t make a loud voice, I
Felt like I will be crushed by fear and rushed at full speed.
I haven’t had a fight since elementary school.
I have no experience in martial arts.
I’ve been in the dungeon for over two years, but every time I hunt slime, I always used insecticide.
I have no experience of fighting.
Still I rushed.
I bumped with the goblin using my steel shield, feeling the illusion that the distance of about 20m was more than 100m.
There was a shock like hitting a concrete block, but I pushed it with all my heart.
I could feel the goblins’ rough breathing and angry pressure through the steel shield.
Fortunately, it seems to be an individual who does not have a weapon, and it punch at the shield.
I staggered and endured, and I was waiting for the right timing for my attack.

The storm of goblin’s punches stopped for a moment, so I thought it was the right timing, so I swung my sword all the way and made a clean hit on the goblin’s head like a baseball bat.
I made a hit, but I felt like I was hitting a tire and my hands were numb.
The goblin only screamed “gyiya”? It was painful, but it seemed to be almost no damage.

“What, really !?”

It was a full blow with a perfect timing.

I can’t do more than this as I am now a LV4 mob.

I was betting on this blow.

Now that it didn’t work, fear strike my chicken heart again.
Dangerous, should I run away? No, should I tell Sylphy to do it?

And then when I thought about all that, I realized my objective for coming here.
I came to suppress my fear.

I’ll do anything. I’ll do it even if it’s not cool.

“Gua !!!”

I screamed like it is the end of the world and pushed the goblin again.
The goblin’s power is clearly stronger than me. The current state will not last long.
I observed the goblins through the shield, but It only wear a waistcoat, and I’m not sure if the goblins have gender, but it is probably male.
If aiming at the head is not effective, there is no choice but to aim at the vital point other than head.
The ones that come to mind are eyes, nose, and waist.
The one that seems to be the most hit is its waist.
If it is a male, then the damage will be stronger.
I’ll do it.
With a completely weird switch on, I was looking at the timing during the push again.
As before, I threw the shield and hit the wooden sword at the interval between breaths.
This time, I did a whole swing toward the ball in the same way as doing golf that I had never done before.


I felt an unpleasant feeling.
This time there is no goblin scream, is it still useless?
I had let go of the shield and I have nothing on my handsfor defense.
Pursuing the goblins while being impatient.
I attack the same place again with a full blow.
This time I think it was good enough, but the goblin didn’t react.

Is it no good after all …

The next moment when I was about to lose consciousness in despair, the goblins fell down.
When I thought the goblin would fall, it disappeared.

I finally did it. I did it.


This time I yelled for victory.
Perhaps the battle was less than 30 seconds. But for me it was 30 seconds that felt like forever.
I can’t do the same thing next time.
If the goblins had weapons, I might not have won.

It’s not a cool way to win like an anime hero.

I won with a move that a villain would use.

But I won. I finally beat that strong goblin.

I want to convey this to everyone.

“Master. That was cool, but please let me fight with you next time.”

Ah … after all this little girl is unmistakable a goddess.
I’m really glad I did my best.
I seriously thought that I should spread the Sylphy religion to the world this time.


5 thoughts on “Heroic Exploration Tale Chapter 7

  1. If mc was …. 7 years old… it would be acceptable his behavior. If mc is not known az the most pathetic guy since the fundation of the school i will eat my socks xd


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