Heroic Exploration Tale Chapter 8

Goblin Slayer (temporary)

The day I dived into the second floor, I defeated a goblin.
It’s finally time to give up life as a slime slayer.

My current status

Takagi Kaito
LV: 5
HP: 16
MP: 5
BP: 14
Skill: Slime Slayer
Goblin Slayer (temporary) NEW


The level went up in the previous battle, and finally it became LV 5.
The level that was raised by only 1 after defeating 1000 slimes has been raised by defeating only one goblin.
I don’t think goblins are 1000 times stronger than slime, but I don’t quite understand the reasoning here.
It took me more than two years to reach LV 5, but it seems that there are large individual differences, and I hear that becoming LV 5 in a month and LV 10 in half year is commonplace
Maybe I’m the latest one to reach LV 5.

However, about half of those who have registered as explorer are only LV 2 and then stop.
Like me, they encountered a wall on LV 2, and no matter how much slime they defeat, it doesn’t increase.
So, quite a few explorers give up diving to the second floor and stop.
Most of my classmates who became explorers at the same time have stopped and have changed their part-time job as a convenience store clerk.
With that in mind, I’ve been hunting slime for over two years and have reached LV5, which is amazing in a way.

And this time, a new skill appear.

“Th-This is..”

“No way..”

Skill Goblin Slayer (temporary)

“Why is it (temporary)?”

I looked at the explanation of the Goblin Slayer (temporary).

Goblin Slayer (temporary): Awarded to those who overcome their fear of death against goblins and defeat them alone.
All stats will increase by 10% when fighting goblins.
(Temporary) because it is an accidental victory, so it is less effective than the original skill.

Hmm, I’m certainly happy. However, the increase is only 10%.
My BP that become 14 after level up will be 15 against goblin…
I don’t feel like getting stronger at all.
Moreover (temporary) …
Perhaps it is the same as the skill slime slayer, the original skill correction is 50%. It seems that it was a 10% increase because it is (temporary).
The explanation says that it was due to a accidental victory.
I was able to win by chance.
I happened to win. There is no doubt about it.
However, that doesn’t change the fact that I won
So (temporary) is…

“Is there no god in this world?”

“Is there no justice?”

No, I have a demigod near me.

Perhaps the other explorers don’t have that many skills.
At least none of the explorers I know.
In general, having skill is a rare case, and it is an object of admiration.
Under such circumstances, I am only LV 5 and already have two skills.
Even though one is rare, I have two.
I think it’s awesome.
Slime Slayer is an ultra-rare skill I’ve never heard of.
Since the acquisition conditions are too special, there is a high possibility that it is the only one skill in the world.

I haven’t heard much about Goblin Slayer either.
This is also probably because of the acquisition conditions.
Usually, if you feel the fear of death, then give up. Or challenge with multiple people.
Therefore, it seems that the explorer who meets the acquisition conditions is also a rare case.
LV 5 and have 2 skills.
That sounds cool.
Somehow, that looks like the initial setting of the explorer who will become a hero from now on.

But, the skills are Slime Slayer snd Goblin Slayer (temporary)

It doesn’t look great at all.
Both are useless trash skills.
I wonder if one day there will be a day when I find those skills useful
Probably not …


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