Heroic Exploration Tale Chapter 9

Go to the 2nd Floor again

The day after I defeated goblin for the first time and gained Goblin Slayer (temporary) skills, I was absent from school and from dungeon.

I didn’t get sick, but I couldn’t get out of bed because of myalgia.

It’s probably a reaction to the ridiculous power I use in the battle with the goblin yesterday.
I couldn’t move at all.

My mother urged me to go to school, but I couldn’t.

When I wanted to go to the bathroom, I almost cried.

I tried to hold it, but the moment when my urge to urinate exceeded the limit, my body also exceeded the limit.

I became a resident of the bed for a whole day, and the next day I was able to move, probably because of youth and my LV 5 status.
I decided to go to school.
After class, I wasn’t in the right condition yet, but I still went into the dungeon again.

While hunting a few slimes, I came to the second floor where the goblin waited before.
As promised the other day, I decided to have Sylphy participate in the battle today.

“Sylphy, please! If you find a goblin, use God’s Lightning Strike in haste.”

“I understand, master.”

Sylphy detected and guided me to the monster as usual.
I found a goblin in about 5 minutes.

If you look closely, this time the goblin have weapons. Probably a weapon called a short sword.
I can never win against it right now.

“Please, Sylphy.”


Sylphy gets a little closer

“God’s Lightning Strike”


“Ah. So it become like this too?”

The goblins disappeared without a trace.
A goblin with a weapon that I would never win against is killed instantly.

“Master, I’m hungry~”

I forgot because I hadn’t made Sylphy fight so far, but there is something like this too.
I handed the goblin magic core to Sylphy and she eat it.
After that, I hunted 15 goblins with Sylphy’s skill in about 3 hours, but my LV did not rise.
Of course, Sylphy had ingested almost all of the demon core, but for some reason four magic cores were left.

I was thinking about what happen today after I got home.
First of all, the LV did not go up, but even though the LV went up by 1 just by killing one goblin, today I killed 15 and it did not went up at all.
I think this is probably due to the increased amount of experience required to increase LV, but there is another possibility.
Perhaps the experience points of monsters that is defeated by servant will not be shared with me.
I can’t tell for sure, but I think that is possible.

One more.
Why there are four magic cores remained.
This is probably a matter of the magic core size.
I went to the Explorer Guild to sell Goblin’s magic core today and it sold for 700 yen each.
The goblin’s magic core is simply a little bigger.
The goblin’s core is a little smaller than the ring finger’s nail, as opposed to the slime’s core, which is about the size of a little fingernail.

Perhaps one God’s Lightning Strike is equivalent to one slime magic core.
Therefore, it explained why there are 4 magic core left.
There is no doubt about this.

I haven’t checked the status in battle, but using skill should consume MP.
Should I see Sylphy MP change the next time she uses God’s Lightning Strike?
I didn’t care about it before because it had defeated all the enemy with a single blow.
It cannot be used infinitely without magic core supply.
Let’s check it tomorrow in case of emergency.

Today’s result goblin’s 4 magic cores x 700 yen was 2800 yen.


2 thoughts on “Heroic Exploration Tale Chapter 9

  1. Bravo for mc thinking this far… it took ocer 3 months to reach this far while he should have thought this during the first few days if slow


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