Heroic Exploration Tale Chapter 10

The Second Goblin

The next day, I dived into the dungeon after I came back from school.
This is to verify yesterday’s thought.
First, check the fuel consumption and the number of uses of Sylphy’s God’s Lightning Strike.

“Like yesterday, look for goblins and defeat them with a God’s Lightning Strike.”

“Understood. “

I encountered a goblin right away

“God’s Lightning Strike” “Zugagagan”

The exact same scene as yesterday was spreading in front of me.
I hurry to check Sylphy’s status

Type: Valkyrie
Name: Sylphy
Lv: 1
HP: 120
MP: 80/90
BP: 170
Skill: God’s Lightning Strike, Iron Wall Maiden
Equipment: God Spear Rajunate, God Armor Legines

MP was decreasing as I expected. Since it has decreased by 10, it seems that she can shoot up to 9 shots.
Just like yesterday,

“I’m hungry”

Gives the goblin’s magic core.
When I check the status again

Type: Valkyrie
Name: Sylphy
Lv: 1
HP: 120
MP: 89/90
BP: 170
Skill: God’s Lightning Strike, Iron Wall Maiden
Equipment: God Spear Rajunate, God Armor Legines

MP recovered by 9.
For servant, magic core is like a magic potion.
I decided to verify again later whether I can use the skill unlimitedly if I carry a large amount of magic core.(TN: please don’t ask me why there are some magic core left even though her consumption is greater than her recovery, as I also don’t know. Or maybe you can tell me why in the comment section.)

Next is level up.
I hunted 15 goblins yesterday, but I didn’t level up, so I gave all the goblin to Sylphy too today.
I will have her hunt it all.
A skeleton that I encountered for the first time appeared on the way, but it was killed instantly by Sylphy’s God’s Lightning Strike with “Zugagagan”.
I hunted 15 monsters today and got 3800 yen.
After that, I continued to hunt for a week and killed more than 100 monsters, but my LV did not rise as expected.
Probably no experience points will come to me if my servant is the one who kill it.

If so, there are two options to try
One is to defeat the goblins or skeletons by myself, just like last time.
This will definitely give me experience points, and I think it will increase my LV soon, but the last time I won was a coincident.
There is no second time.

So this is actually a stalemate.

Another option is to fight with the servant.
I don’t know how much I should participate, but experience points may come to me as well.
This is the only realistic choice.
There is no choice but to try it.
However, the current 1500 yen wooden sword is no good.
I haven’t made much money so far, so I have only 100,000 remaining from my previous earnings, but now I have no choice but to prepare my weapons.
For the time being, I rounded up the dungeon and headed to the market where I bought the shield.
Find the same old man as last time

“Weapon for goblins and skeletons for the second floor with a budget of 100.000 yen, is there something like that?”

“Then it’s a pistol crossbow gun that even beginners can use for the goblins. But it doesn’t work for skeletons, so you need a super-hard tungsten rod, is that okay?”

“Is 100,000 yen enough for both?”

“With 20 crossbow arrows, 100,000 is enough.”

“I understand. Please. Oh, and also, I don’t know how to use the crossbow.”

“It’s easy. Just set an arrow, aim and pull the trigger. The range is 10m to 20m, but until you get used to it, you have to start from 5m to 10m to hit on target.”

“Thank you. Thank you.”

After paying the money, I decided to go back to the dungeon and tried to level up.
Sylphy’s God’s Lightning Strike is too overkill to fight together.
Then, why not try using another skill that she haven’t tried before, Iron Wall Maiden?

“Sylphy, next time you find an enemy, try using Iron Wall Maiden.”

“Yes. I understand master.”

I encountered a goblin in less than 5 minutes

“Iron Wall Maiden”

The moment Sylphy said the skill name, the area about 2 m around Sylphy was surrounded by faint light.

The goblin notice this and try to attack, but it seems to be completely ineffective because of the wall of light.
It seems I can enter the circle of light.
This is the so-called defensive skill.
The question is the duration and whether it is possible to attack from the inside to the outside.

“Should I try it?”

First of all, the duration time

“If the effect dissapear, then use it again.”


For the time being, do nothing and wait for the effect to disappear.
In about 1 minute, the circle of light shook and the effect was cut off.
Sylphy then use Iron Wall Maiden again.
The duration is about 1 minute.
Next, try attacking the goblins from within the circle of light.
First of all, for safety, try attacking with a crossbow without approaching.


The arrow got stuck in its stomach.
I fired three times in a hurry.
The goblins disappeared easily after the arrows hit its shoulder and head

“What !? Seriously …”

The second goblin hunt. Of course I would be happy if someone asked me if I was happy or not.
However, is it okay for the opponent who almost killed me a while ago to be defeated so easily?
I wonder if my determination and effort were a waste …
The second goblin hunt was the moment when goblins weren’t the strongest excistence in me, leaving behind an indescribably strange aftertaste of a mixture of joy and irritability


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