Heroic Exploration Tale Chapter 13

Rank Up

I’m on the second floor today.
Killing the goblins with Sylphy as usual.
I also kill some skeletons because I sometimes encounter skeletons mixed with goblins, but they are more difficult than goblins.
Since they only have bones, the crossbow does not have any effect, so I can only hit it with the tungsten rod. Crushing its skull then finally it disappear.
Hitting with a rod means that I have to get closer.
Protected by Sylphy’s Iron Wall Maiden, I sometimes need to get my arms out.
Yesterday, an intelligent one aimed at my arm and I was almost dragged out.
It was dangerous.
I swore to myself that I shouldn’t get distracted.

My level become 8 in 3 months.

Takagi Kaito
LV: 8
HP: 18
MP: 8
BP: 19
Skill: Slime Slayer
Goblin Slayer (temporary)

LV 10 is a milestones, but BP 20 is more important than that.
The status of the explorer of the same LV varies greatly from person to person, and LV is not so important.
The most important is BP.

You can rank up to Stone Rank with BP 20.
Breaking away from the bottom rank, Wood Rank.
It’s one of my dreams, and now it is within my reach.
For that reason, I’m more enthusiastic than usual here, and I’m diving to the limit as long as time permits.
And finally that time has come.
Takagi Kaito
LV: 9
HP: 19
MP: 9
BP: 20
Skill: Slime Slayer
Goblin Slayer (temporary)

“Oh, I did it.”

“Finally BP 20”


“Oh, thank you. This is also thanks to Sylphy.”

It was a little embarrassing to be told that by Sylphy who have BP 170, but I was honestly happy.
However, my status only increase by 1 for every level up.
I can’t sense anything that seems to be an early growth correction that most fantasy royal road protagonists have.
I’m sure I must be a hero that will shine in the late game, and I have no choice but to live up to my hopeless expectations.
The BP at LV1 was 10, so it’s just doubled.

However, I don’t really feel that I have become too strong.
It is not possible to defeat a monster on the second floor by myself.
Is it not only because of BP but also by other stats?
To be honest, I don’t know much about it, but it took me more than two years to clear the original goal I had when I finally became an explorer.

I couldn’t control my motivation, so I immediately rounded it up and came to apply for a rank-up at the dungeon guild.

“I’m going to apply for rank up”

“I understand. Please wait there.”

I was called in about 15 minutes.

“Takagi Kaito-sama”


“Congratulations on your rank up”

“This is the Stone Rank Investigator Identification Card.”

The identification card given was changed from wooden to stone.

“This is a benefit of upgrading to Stone Rank, all purchase prices will increase by 3%. Also, shopping at the dungeon market will be discounted by 3% except for rare items. “

“I understand. Thank you very much.”

Honestly, the privilege is not that noticeable because it only went up one rank from the bottom.
At least I experience a rank up.
Only 40% explorers did a rank up.
60% of explorers quit when they are only a Wood Rank.
I broke the 40% walls.
Speaking of 40%, it means 10% higher than the average.
It’s only the second rank from the bottom, but for me it’s a proof of existence of my more than two years of explorer life.
It’s something like that.

It’s really priceless.
Even if I becomes a Stone Rank, nothing change.
It’s not like I’ve become stronger.
Still, I will live as a Stone Rank explorer from now on.


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