Heroic Exploration Tale Chapter 15

Miracle at LV 10

Since I became a Stone Rank, my motivation has risen, and I am more absorbed in dungeon exploration than ever before.

Maybe it is a dungeon addict.
It’s almost like when I was addicted to VR games when I was in junior high school.
I want to do it even if it reduce my sleeping time. If I don’t do it, I can only think about it all the time.

It’s like I’m sick.
I have experience a series of things that I have never feel before , such as leveling up, ranking up, aqcuiring skills, and the existence of servants, and honestly, it’s fun.
I get the illusion of becoming the main character of some game.

I’ve been absorbed in it for over a month, but unfortunately I haven’t improved.
One more LV to become LV 10, but the pace of leveling up has clearly slowed down.
It seems that the level-up limit for the second floor is approaching, as when I hunt on the first floor.
It’s not easy to level up, but from the perspective of the legendary slime slayer, it doesn’t hurt if it’s only for a month.
I am devoted to hunting every day, thinking that maybe a golden goblin might come out.

And finally that day has come.

Kaito Takagi
LV: 10
HP: 25
MP: 12
BP: 25
Skill: Slime Slayer
Goblin Slayer (temporary)
God’s Blessing NEW

I have reached LV 10.

It is generally known that LV 10 has no particular meaning,
But a dramatic change happened to me.


I have chect it twice to make sure.
First of all, regarding the numerical value of the status, until now, only one was raised per level up, but my BP increased by 5 just now!
HP has risen by 6.

I don’t know what happened,

Did a miracle happen?
Or is there something wrong?
Is my time finally coming?

A third skill was revealed at the bottom of the status.

Its name is “God’s Blessing”.

It looks like the skill of the main character just from its name.
I was afraid to check the explanation, paying attention only to the skill name.

God’s Blessing … given to those loved by God and their kin. Supplementary status increase when leveling up. The rate of increase depends on the degree of love with God and their kin.

This is … a real cheat skill.
Isn’t it a genuine hero correction skill?
From the content, I only have one acquaintance that is a God.
First and foremost, it’s a skill related to Sylphy.
It’s a skill that manifested because “love” with Sylphy deepened.
Of course, “love” is not a lolicon kind of LOVE, but more of a respect or love as a family.

I can’t live without Sylphy anymore.
Well, maybe I should call her Sylphy-sama for real.

I’ve been hunting slime alone for over two years.
I’ve been doing my best when I’m LV 3 as well.
I couldn’t talk to anyone, but I was really worried.
A level that does not rise.
Status that only increases by 1 even if it goes up.
I knew I was a classmate A mob, but I dreamed that I might one day become the main character.
I was seriously thinking that if I continued at the bottom, I would be able to become the hero I dreamed of someday if I didn’t stop.
But the reality was not that sweet.
Promising explorers will lightly exceed my status and level in a month and will be recognized in the world.

I want everyone to recognize me as “Takagi Kaito” instead of my classmate A’s mob character.
I want to quickly escape from my mob status by continuing to explore the dungeon.
However, in reality I was nothing but a mob.

After all I was worried.
I was lonely.
It was painful.

Just because your stats have increased by 5 doesn’t mean that anyone will recognize you.
I’m not complimented by anyone.
Nor has I become dramatically stronger.
But to me it even seemed like everything up to now was rewarded.
It’s just the beginning. I thought so.

I’m glad I became an explorer.

I’m glad I met Sylphy.


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