Heroic Exploration Tale Chapter 16

Preparation for the 3rd Floor and Moe Sister

When I reached LV 10 with 25 BP, I felt the growth limit on the second floor.
Goblins used to feel scary, but now they are as strong as I am.
Even without Sylphy’s help, I wouldn’t be killed right away.
Going to the 3rd floor means that I will definitely be against monsters that are stronger than goblins and skeletons.
It’s an unexplored, unknown territory that I’ve never stepped into.
It is an unknown area for me, but of course there is information about it.
Up to the 2nd floor, only a single monster appeared, but from the 3rd floor, multiple monsters will appear.
In other words, while Sylphy is fighting one monster, I also need to fight.
For me now, even though Level and BP have reached the stage of getting the right to challenge the third floor, there is an overwhelming lack of skills to fight alone.

“Sylphy, I’m going to dive alone for a while from today.”

“Did I do something wrong? Did I do something that make master angry? You don’t need me anymore?”

“No, no. Sylphy isn’t bad at all. Actually, I’m thinking of advancing to the third level, but as it is now, I rely too much on Sylphy. I want to train a little so that I doesn’t become a baggage on the 3rd floor. “

“Master isn’t a baggage, but if that’s what you are thinking about then it’s fine.”

“Thank you.”

“And one more thing. I really trust and appreciate Sylphy. Rather than a servant, you are more like a reliable sister. I want to build a better relationship from now on. “

“First of all, I’d like to change how I call you from Sylphy to Sill, can I?”

“Thank you. I’m glad you think of me like that.”

Sylphy, no, Sill looks straight at me while moistening her big blue eyes

“Sill is happy to meet a master who thinks of me so much.”

I said it myself, but Sill is very cute.

Extremely cute.
Abnormally cute.
Destructive power is overwhelming.
If I had such a younger sister, I would probably do anything for her.
Is this a “sister complex”?
No, is it the one called “moe sister” that I once hear?

I think I can do my best by myself today.

Then I fight the goblins and skeletons alone.
I learn from the lesson of the previous failure.
When I found a goblin, I shot it with a crossbow from as far away as possible. I did not hit the key point, but hit the shoulder, but like the last time, it rushed with anger with “Guga”.
I am different from the last time.
I switched from a bow gun to a shield and a tungsten rod, and first killed the goblin’s momentum with the shield.


It was a terrible force, but unlike the previous battle, I managed to endure it without losing.
I’ve been simulating in my brain for the last few days before going to bed.
Without being impatient, I slammed the tungsten rod to the goblin’s shin through the gap in the shield.



Then I hit it again.


The hunt was decided by this.

“Next is the skeleton.”

I searched for a skeleton, and this time I took a shield and a rod from the beginning and charged violently.
A shield blocks the movement of the skeleton and hits the other side of the shin, just like with the goblin.


The skeleton’s leg broke.
Bone is said to be as strong as iron, but tungsten is much harder than iron.
Combined with my level-up strength, it can break bone easily.
After that, the skull was also destroyed and the battle was over.
I hunted a skeleton by myself for the first time, but it was unexpectedly compatible with my equipment.
For the next week I kept hunting goblins and skeletons alone.
I’ve become accustomed to solo combat, albeit a little.

Finally tomorrow I will challenge the 3rd floor.


4 thoughts on “Heroic Exploration Tale Chapter 16

  1. Seems like good novel so shall continue to read. Also feel like silphy will get closer to her card appearance more she levels up but time will tell i guess.


  2. Thanks for the chapter,
    and yep as expected its better to keep a few of this chapter in backlog and then reading through it in one go.


  3. Ohhhh…. to bad mc is as stupid az ever… he should have always sill summoned even if she dosnt fight to get to know eachither better. But noooo…


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