Heroic Exploration Tale Chapter 17

I’ll release two chapters from now on if I can translate 2 chapters a day as it is short anyway. But don’t expect too much. What I can promise you is 1 chapter a day.

To the 3rd floor

Finally, I’m on the 3rd floor.
Of course, Sill is summoned and is in perfect condition, but we are still advancing with MAX tension for the enemy we have never seem before.
Sill’s ability quickly found the monsters.
There are two hellhounds.
Immediately, it seems that there will be a battle with multiple monsters, probably because it is a norm on the 3rd floor.
The hellhound is a low-ranking monster whose combat power is probably not that different from a goblin.
However, unlike human-shaped goblins, it is not so intelligent, but because it is a four-legged monsters, its speed is naturally far superior to that of goblins and humans.
I remember reading that on the guild’s monster guide.

First, as usual, shoot with a crossbow.
However, unlike the human-like goblin, the target is quite low.
I completely miss it.
In a hurry,

“Sill, use Iron Wall Maiden.”


Immediately, Sill uses Iron Wall Maiden to intercept the hellhounds.
The hellhounds are blocked by a wall of light

“U, guu”

After that I hit it with a tungsten rod.
The first one was able to be killed immediately.


I immediately turned my eyes to kill the second one, but it was no longer there and was circling me.


I couldn’t see it moving.
I tried to attack the hellhound with a tungsten rod, but I can’t reach it from inside the circle because it is quite far from the wall of light.
Obviously, it learn from the dead of its companion.
The duration of Iron Wall Maiden should be more than half.

Should be fine.

I suppressed my impatience and took out what I had prepared in case of emergency from my backpack.

The world’s most odorous weapon surströmming, canned fermented herring.(TN: is a lightly-salted fermented Baltic Sea herring traditional to Swedish cuisine since at least the 16th century(Wikipedia). According to Japanese study, it is the most odorous food in the world.)

I held my breath and pulled up the pull top at once and threw it at the hellhound.
It was avoided, but it worked dramatically for beast-shaped monsters, who have sense of smell that are dozens or hundreds of times more than humans.

“Kyu, wan wan”

It began to rampage with a voice like a normal dog.
I fired the crossbow at the rampaging hellhound.
Two brilliant hits were made and I was able to finish it.
The magic cores that were left behind was a little different in color, but it was about the same size as the Goblin’s.

“Master. We did it. Even the first monster we met on the 3rd floor was defeated without any problems. As expected.”

I was able to successfully complete the first battle on the 3rd floor, but I still think it was not enough.
Up to the second level, there is only a single enemy, so I was able to win by killing it at first sight.
As soon as it increased to two, I can’t use the usual attack on the second one.
As a result, surströmming was used.
However, this was intended to be my last resort.
The effect was also uncertain.
I ended up using it for my first fight.
Probably, if there is a monster of the same level in the future, the first one can be defeated without any problem.
If the same tactics can be applied to the second monster, it will be manageable.
I don’t have any countermeasures when 3 or more animals appear at the same time.

What should I do…

It is necessary to rethink strategy by simulating it in my brain.
I thought about it, but there is only one that I can think about.

I came up with a series of God’s Lightning Strikes by Sill.
The might of Sill.
I will defeat the first or second enemy, and the third and subsequent enemies will be struck by Sill’s God’s Lightning Strike.
It was the only strategy I could think of now.
I encountered a flock of hellhounds and devil boars that day, but it went well as planned and I was able to defeat all the monsters.
After all, the maximum number of monsters that appeared on this day was three.

Today’s result is
20 demon core – 13 Sill consumption = 7 x 721 yen – surströmming 6000 yen x 3
The total is minus 12953 yen


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    1. Nah, it’s fine. I already translate 10 chapters ahead. I only post the 11th or 12th chapters so I can rest for 10 days in case I feel tired or having a bad day.


    1. No…I already write the explanation from Wikipedia in the chapter, the but in case you miss it, it is a fermented sea herring from Swedish.


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