Heroic Exploration Tale Chapter 18


There is a reason I became an explorer.
Of course, the biggest reason is because it is cool.
But the real reason goes back to elementary school, though I haven’t told anyone yet.
When I was in the lower grades of elementary school, I had a fairly high level of athletic ability and was sociable, so I was a prominent figure in the class, if not the central figure in the class.
At that time, I had many friends regardless of gender.
However, I’m not a special boy, and I’m not a good student either.
Rather, I often making noise in the class.

Such elementary school life began to change as it approached the upper grades.
In the lower grades, athletic ability and sociability were particularly important, but in the upper grades, factors such as academic ability and looks have greater influence.
As I’m not that good at those, my evaluation also declined relatively.
I wasn’t as active as I used to be at school, so I was devoted to the VR games that my parents bought me at that time.
The VR game was really fun. I became the main character of the story, and the more I did, the more I become addicted to it.
I felt like I was the center of the VR game world.
I made a lot of game friends who I don’t even know their faces in real life.
I didn’t realize that my real school life was diluted by focusing on the game world.

Even now I don’t know what triggered it.
One day, my classmates no longer talk to me.
Even when I talked to them, somehow I was treated as though I wasn’t there.
After such situation continued for a few days, I could understand my situation.
It wasn’t an outright “bullying” such as violence, but I realized that I was the target of one.
The same situation continued for about five months after that.
It’s not an outright “bullying”, so I can’t even talk to my teacher or parents.
The feeling of loneliness and despair increased day by day.
Around that time, on my way home from school, I cried every day behind a shrine not far away from school.

“Uuu uuu gusuu.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Eh? “

Suddenly I heard a voice.
Looking at the source of the voice, Katsuragi Haruka, who was in the same class until last year, stood there.
It was embarassing when she see me crying, but my tears couldn’t stop immediately.


“Is there something that make you sad?”

The gentle words made me cry even more.

“Gu, gu, gusu, fue, fuee”

“Why don’t you talk to me?”

To be honest, I hesitate to talk to people, but I think I wanted to tell someone.
I talked to her about the current situation in the class.

“Hmm, so it’s like that.”

“See you~”


I wasn’t expecting anything in particular, but when I tell her about my situation, I was stunned by her who leave just like that.
The next day, the same life at school started again, but maybe four to five days later?
One of my classmates greeted me.

“Good morning”

“Y, yo”

I thought that was an exception, but several classmates greeted me the next day and the day after that.
Not only that, but the atmosphere has changed even though I has been completely ignored until now.
They didn’t talk to me, but they also didn’t ignore me, including their gaze, and I feel like it all back to normal.


I wasn’t sure what had happened, so I approach my classmate then asking about the situation.
I was really surprised after hearing it.

It was Katsuragi Haruka.

She called my classmates one by one and persuaded them in the morning or during breaks.
It seems that my classmates decided to stop bullying me because they were directly persuaded by her, who was a popular student at that time, and felt guilty.


I said, but honestly, I didn’t hear much.
Katsuragi Haruka, who is not a special nor a close friend, moved for me.
What’s more, she didn’t ask me for anything special but she helped me when I need it.

It was shocking for me at that time.

The game world is full of heroes, but if there were heroes in the real world, I really thought it was her.
After that, I didn’t get to know her in particular until I graduated from elementary school, and my relationship with my classmates didn’t improve dramatically, but only my gratitude and admiration for her grew.

The hero in me was her.

I wanted to be an explorer and a hero because I couldn’t think of any other way to be a hero.
I wanted to be a hero that would be recognized by her.
Of course, there are many other forms of heroes.
It was taught by her.
However, as a simple person at that time, I thought that this was the only one.
As long as I’m convinced, I can’t throw it out on the way.
Now I has a feeling for Katsuragi Haruka, who has changed from a longing to a one-sided love, and becomes a man suitable for her.
And I want to confess quickly and go out with her.
That is the driving force for me now.

Previously, I had decided to definitely confess if I went to the 3rd floor, but now I am determined to definitely confess if I go to the 4th floor.


2 thoughts on “Heroic Exploration Tale Chapter 18

  1. So… if he keeps this up… if he reaches floor 99. Will he wait until he reaches floor 100… then then hebwill find out she already has a boyfriend XD then go cry for a week


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