Demon King of Phantom Thief Chapter 41

Demon King of Phantom Thief, Meet the Ice Spirit

On the north of the Demon King’s territory, there were three people, Keith, Diana, and Ginlow.
Diana took out a tent, which could be called a villa, on the hill where the blizzard is raging.

“Let’s enter now, it’s getting colder and colder”

Go inside the tent and put on thick fur slippers.
They sat on a rock chair around the fireplace and warmed their feet.

“We can’t move if the weather is still like this.”

Keith said, looking at the window, looking at the dimly shining village beyond the blizzard.

“But now that we’ve set up the tent, they are probably aware of our existence. We’ve also turned on the lights on the second floor. If there’s no reaction, then there is nothing we can do. “

After saying that, Diana drinks warm milk from a mug.
Ginlow’s silver body shone glaringly reflecting the flames of the fireplace.

“My deepest apology, Demon King-sama. For you who have worked hard in such a remote area but no results …”
“Don’t worry, Ginlow, I also want to know if there’s something wrong with the territory. Just knowing that the permafrost is thawing is an important information.”
“Your kind words are wasted on me.”

Keith looks at the window vaguely again.

“Ginlow, is there any reason for you to care about Ice Spirits?”
“It’s an old story … It’s the time of the predecessor Demon Lord.”

As he threw a piece of wood to the fireplace, Ginlow began to speak.

“The predecessor Demon Lord had planned to seek sacrifices from all races in the territory …”


Ginlow was dragging his feet in the snow-covered forest, with icicles stuck on his body.
The Ice Spirit race are hiding in the blizzard.
Ginlow, who brought up the story about sacrifice, was suddenly attacked by Ice Spirits.

The icicles pierced his left shoulder and his right thigh.
Because of this, he was unable to run or made his favorite wheels.

The Ice Spirits surround the forest, no longer hiding their signs. 
Ginlow hid himself in the shade of a particularly large tree and sat down.
Grab the icicles stuck on his shoulders and put his strength into it.

“………… Gunu”

Even with the grip strength of Ginlow, no cracks appear the icicles.
Furthermore, it froze his inner body and could not be pulled out.

-At that time.


From a blind spot, an Ice Spirit girl appeared.

–Everything is silent.

Ginlow made a blade from his arm that is pierced by icicle.
However, his body does not move as told to.
Even though she was a girl, the chance of winning against the Ice Spirit is extremely low.

“Did you find him!?”

A man’s voice is heard from a distance.
The girl shouted.

“Not on this side!”

Ginlow opened his eyes.

“You …!”

The girl silenced Ginlow and touched the icicles that are stuck in his body.
The icicles crumbled like powder snow and scattered in the wind.

“Can you move your legs?”
“… Why did you help me?”
“For the benefit of the race”

The girl says it.

“… Tell me your name”

Ginlow said, the girl replied.

“I’m not someone who will give my name easily.”
“I will definitely return this.”


“It’s such a shame, but I have debt to repay.”
“It’s hard for the Ice Spirits to drive Ginlow to a corner like that.”
“Is there someone that help them?”

At that time, the door was knocked.

“Get in”

It’s Joseph, the butler summoned by Diana.

“Is it for dinner?”
“It’s about time for that too, but … there is a guest coming.”

They are finally finally here.
The three stood up and moved to the sofa.

“The only guest in this place are Frost Bears or Ice Spirits. Let them enter.”

After waiting for a while, a beautiful girl appeared.

An unprecedented outfit that looks like multiple layers of pure white silk.
Impressive aquamarine eyes with clear white skin.

But what even more eye-catching is her long, icy hair.
Each of her hair is shining like a piece of glass.

Her body looks weak as it is swaying.
Her pale lips is unlikely to natural.

Joseph tried to help, but the girl gently refused.

“You are!”

Ginlow stood up.

“Oh … it’s been a long time …”

The girl replied weakly.

“Are you sick …”

When Ginlow asked, the girl laughed a little.

“Thank you for your concern. I’m just a little weaker …”
“Sit down for the time being.”

Keith said, looking at the girl.
Identification Monocle told her information.
After all, her race is Ice Spirit.
And she is under [Weakness] status.


The girl threw herself and sat down on the sofa.

“Are you weakened by illness or something?”
“Don’t worry, it’s not something that can be transferred to others … We, Ice Spirit, lose their strength when exposed to heat for a long period of time. All the villagers are like this.”

The appearance of the girl talking while leaning on her elbow looked painful.

“Then, isn’t it bad to stay in such a warm room?”
“Please don’t worry about it. If it’s just for 2 or 3 days then it’s fine. The problem is the season.”
“Then as expexted, is it because the temperature has risen?”

The girl nodded deeply.

“That’s why you came here to ask for help.”
“Yes … I saw this building and I’m sure he is here too …”

The girl said, looking at Ginlow. 

“I thought he is close with Demon King-sama, so I want to visit him.”
“I’m the Demon King.”

Keith said and the girl had her eyes rounded.

“Is there something important that even Demon King-sama need to come here?”

The girl’s idea of something important is probably sacrifice.
The fact that the habit of sacrificing was abandoned should not hav reach such remote areas.
Keith replied.

“Knowing that the permafrost was melting, Ginlow said he wanted to see what happened.”

Upon hearing that, Ginlow hit his knee.

“It may be strange to say something like this with the resence of Demon King-sama here, but what I promise that time, I will definitely return your favor. You’ll never regret helping me back then.”
“So you remember that after all …”

Ginlow closes his eyes and nods.

“Returning the favor …”

The girl nodded and turned to Keith.

“We have lived without a connection with Demon King-sama for a long time. However, we can only rely on Demon King-sama now.”

The girl shut her pale lips tightly for a second.

“I told the elders many times that we should send a messenger, but they were so stubborn … they never think of asking help from Demon King-sama. They don’t know the situation we face right now. I believe that one day everything will bite back. Even though it seems impossible … “

Saying that, the girl drank the ice-floating milk prepared by Joseph.

“So you know the cause?”
“I don’t know …”

The girl then told the three a strange story.

It seems that adventurers in white clothes frequently went in and out of the dungeon on the outskirts of the village for several months.
It was said that the permafrost melted as soon as the adventurers disappeared.

That’s what the girl know.

“Diana, did you have any about those adventurers that entered the Demon King’s territory?”
“My deepest apology, Demon King-sama. Probably they enter through the steep mountainous area on the west. I didn’t send reconnaissance there.”

Diana bowed down and wrinkled her always cool eyebrows.

“I think that there is no way for human to pass through such a place …”
“I’m not blaming you, it’s such a wide territory. There will be many loopholes.”

Keith patted Diana’s head.
Diana looked a little happy.
However, after she corrected her posture, she looked straight into the girl’s eyes. 

“What’s your name?”
“My name is Renee.”

Renee looked back at Diana’s eyes and said.

“Then, Renee. It’s you, Ice Spirit who have rejected the rule of Demon King-sama. Even hurting Ginlow. Now you want us to help you. That’s not a pleasant story to hear, isn’t it? “
“That is……”

Renee can’t say anything.

“I wonder if there is any merit in helping you for Demon King-sama.”
“Don’t say that.”

Keith said.

“If there’s someone in trouble and I have the power to save them, I’ll definitely help them.”

Upon hearing that, Renee looked down and bit her lips.

“Is that the rule of a Demon King …”

Renee said that.
The figure of the Former Demon Lord appear in Keith’s mind.

“… That’s not the case.”

Keith said slowly.

“Rather than Demon King … this is Keith Aldberg’s rule.”

The next day.
After having a light breakfast, the three were guided by Renee to the dungeon.
Renee looks sick as before.

The chills that hurt till bones is still there, but not as much as the blizzard near the Ice Spirit village.

After walking in the snow for a while, the four saw a number of ice pillars.
When the snow on the fallen pillar was removed, there are unreadable characters engraved there.
It is a ruin from a very old age.

After walking between the pillars for a while, the group of four people arrived at a cave with a broken gate.

“I wonder if there is something related to Demon King of Phantom Thief here.”

Once in the cave, Keith touches the ground and activates his skill.


Countless traps flashed in Keith’s mind all at once.
Poison arrows, pitfalls, suspended ceiling with spear – a terrifying number of them.
At a corner, he also found victims of the trap that were frozen.

“There are many traps here … It will be bad to get caught in a trap, so please wait. I’ll enter alone.”
“No way, letting Demon King-sama to enter alone …!”

Keith laughed at Diana.

“I also want to do something that lives up to my name as a Demon King of Phantom Thief once in a while.”

There is no doubt that this dungeon is the cause of the warming.
Keith flipped his cloak and went into the dungeon alone.

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