Heroic Exploration Tale Chapter 19

Second Servant Card

I was stunned by the exploration result of -12953 yen the day before.
Even though I dived into the dungeon and won all the battles, I was in the red.

It is truly an unprecedented situation.

To be honest, my fighting ability is low without surströmming.
Moreover, I was able to handle up to 3 monsters this time, but honestly it is unknown when it becomes more than that.
There is a lack of my ability, but the number of people is also insufficient.
Most of the explorers who dive deeper than the 3rd floor form a party of about 3 to 5 people.
In my case, even if Sill has an unusually high BP, we only have two people.
To be honest, it’s tough.
On the other hand, there is no one who I can invite to form a party, and there is almost no explorer of the same level who has time to dive with me every day.
Even if there were, considering the peculiarity of Sill, I was reluctant to form a party.
So, to be honest, I’m stuck.

“Yup “

I was worried and decided to carry out one strategy.

Its name is “Operation Second Loach”.

If this is a different world, I would buy a beautiful girl character slave and add her as my party member, but in reality I can’t do that.
So, I think it’s a stupid strategy, but I have no choice but to defeat the golden slime and get the second servant card.
When I decided to do so, I dive to the first floor immediately.
It’s been a while since I got the skill Slime Slayer and I rarely hunted slime.
After I started hunting slime, I was able to hunt slime at an astonishing pace that I start wondering why insecticide is so powerful.
I was able to hunt as many as 10 slimes in an hour.
After all skill Slime Slayer seems to be an indispensable skill for slime hunting.
Then I continued to mow slimes for 3 hours a day every day.
More than two months have passed since then, but the golden slime has not yet appeared.
We have already hunted more than 1500 monsters.
Still, it does not appear.
I know it’s rare.
Maybe it’s a super rare one too.
However, it appeared in the 2000th monster last time.
Will it appear after 500 more nonsters this time as well?
No, I want it to appear.

After that, I continued to hunt slimes for half a month and finally it is the 2000 slimes.
Finally it appeared.

A silver slime.


I thought, but it’s a slime I’ve never seen before.
In addition, it is silver. It must be related to the golden slime.

“Sill, don’t let it escape.”

“Yes, I got it.”

“God’s Lightning Strike”

The ruthless Sill’s skill caused the silver slime to disappear without a trace.

I immediately stared at the place where the silver slime was before.

There it is.
As with Sill, there is a card left on the ground.

“Uwoo! I get it!”

Unintentionally, I screamed for the first time after a long time.
It seems that either gold or silver was fine.
Anyway, any rare color may be fine.
I’ve done it.
I completed the Second Loach Operation.
I got a second servant card.
In addition, I was hunting 2.000 slimes, so in the last two and a half months
I have earned nearly 1 million yen.
I got 400.000 yen a month for 3 hours a day.
When converted to an hourly wage, it is a whopping 5.000 yen.
It’s amazing. too amazing.
Earn as much as a professional explorer.
After all, slime hunting may be the most profitable.
There are no competitors and it is in a monopoly state.
The first floor is a dream-like slime paradise.


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