Heroic Exploration Tale Chapter 21


I put the new servant card on my forehead and said the name Rusheria in my head.

As with Sill, the card is surrounded by a flash of light, and then a beautiful black-haired woman stood …



There stood a little girl with black hair.
Appearance is reminiscent of the servant card Viscount-class demon. About the same, but the little girl version.

Exactly the same as with Sill …

“My transcendental beauty …”

“My 200 million yen …”

“My dream …”

I realized in an instant.
I’ve done it.
A servant who became a little girl like Sill has appeared.

“Are you my master?”

“Oh, well, yes.”

“What an unreliable master.”


“You look stupid.”

What? There is a tremendous sense of discomfort.
Is this black-haired little girl really my servant?
Servant means servant, right?
What is with this attitude?

“Let me eat something. I’m hungry.”

“Oh, uh. Rusheria, you are my servant, right?”

“Yes, what about it?”

“Aren’t your attitude a little rude?”

“It’s just your imagination”

“Rather than that, I’m hungry. Let me eat something quickly.”


I was stunned, but I still reluctantly handed over one magic core.

What is this? The difference between Sill and her is just their type right? They are still my servant, right?

“Another one.”


“There is nothing left”

“Well, it looks like I’ve been summoned by a stingy master. Come on give me more!”

Is she a gal? A gal, isn’t she?
Is she a gal even though she is a little girl?
Is she a gal even though she is a demon?
No, is she a delinquent?
She is supposed to be a servant, but this one didn’t act like one.

I’m not good with this kind of girl.

I know I have to take responsibility because she is my summoned servant.
I also know that it is my responsibility to make her know who is the boss here.
But more than anything else, why is she like this?

To be honest, Sill is enough as the only little girl character.
I don’t need another one.
I used the card because I thought that a beautiful woman would join my party.
Sill was really good even if she is a little girl.
Then how about this one? She is a demon with a little girl’s skin.
She is actually a Viscount-class demon …

To be honest, Sill is really obedient, so I thought all servant is like that.
However, I realized through this little exchange.
She doesn’t even hear what I said
For now, let’s ignore her bad attitude.
How strong is Rusheria?
That is the question.

“Rusheria, show me your strength”

“Ee, that’s annoying.”

“No, do it.”

“Chi, I understand.”

Reluctantly, I decide to let Rusheria show me her strength and defeat the goblin on the second floor for the time being.

Towards the goblin I found,

“Rusheria, try using the Prison Flame of Ruin.”

“Yes, Prison Flame of Ruin.”


The goblin disappeared without a trace.


I have imagined it … it’s the same as Sill.
A complete overkill.

“Hey, give me something. I’m hungry.”

“O, oh”

I gave the goblin magic core that remained on the ground.

“Then, try using Breath of Erosion next time.”

“What, you are still going to continue?”

“If you defeat it, I’ll give the magic core for you.”


Find the second goblin,

“Breath of Erosion.”

“Ggyu gyg-ga gygga gg-” “Gushul, Jur”

What? What’s this. When I see that the goblin is rampaging like crazy, suddenly it melted.
Scary. This skill is too scary. It’s also dangerous.

Looking at the situation earlier, guessing from the name of the skill, it first causes mental illness, and the abnormal condition
It affects the body and dissolves.
It is exactly like the work of a demon.

“Hey, give it to me quickly.”

“Oh, that’s right.”

While giving the magic core as promised, I was keenly aware of her power.
Inferior to Sill? Sure, BP is inferior, but she is strong in another sense.
What’s more, Tsundere? Yandere?
Since there is no dere yet, is she simply tsun or yan?
To be honest, I don’t need a tsundere or a yandere.
Is it really possible to make her obey me?
If she accidentally use Breath of Erosion to me, I’ll fall to hell for sure.

A servant doesn’t attack their master.
They can’t attack.
It’s okay.
Even though I am still 17 years old, thinking about the future make my stomach hurts because of stress.

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