Heroic Exploration Tale Chapter 22

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Party Battle

I got Rusheria and I was full of anxiety, but even if I worry, nothing will change, so I decide to challenge 3rd floor again.
When I dive into the 3rd floor, 3 familiar hellhounds same as last time appeared.

“Sill, please use Iron Wall Maiden”

“I understand. Iron Wall Maiden”

“I’ll kill one, so Rusheria please kill the other two.”

“Yes, yes. Give me a magic core after this. Prison Flame of Ruin”

While I was killing one hellhound with a crossbow, the other two were wiped out with a single Prison Flame of Ruin by Rusheria.

Apparently, it’s less powerful than Sill’s God’s Lightning Strike, but it seems to have a wider range of effects.

Of the three magic cores, I gave two to Sill and Rusheria, and one magic core remained in my hand.

If we repeat this, we will be able to conquer the 3rd floor.

The last time I dived with Sill, I had a lot of trouble, and barely able to deal with the monsters.
This time it was cleared up in no time.

This party is amazing.

It’s a little touching to me, who was doing solo for a long time.
In addition, I haven’t used the secret weapon surströmming this time,.
One magic core is 721 yen.
The result has improved dramatically.
Now my explorer life can continue.
Thank god····

At least, for a while.


“I’ve defeated two, so give me two magic core.”

Ha ~ again. I wasn’t angry, maybe I got a little tolerant this time, but my stomach still hurts …

“Not now. If you kill another one again, then I’ll give you one more.”

“Is that true?! It’s a promise then. If you lie, you’ll fall to hell !!”

“Oh I’m not lying.”

Falling into hell isn’t a joke if a real demon tells me that.
If I don’t keep my promise, it’ll be dangerous.

Immediately after that, I met three Wild Boars, but Sill’s Iron Wall Maiden, Rusheria’s Prison Flame of Ruin and my crossbow gun’s rapid fire combo repelled them easily.
As I was exploring, feeling comfortable, I finally encountered a group of a hellhound, two wildboar, and a mad rat.
I was a little nervous meeting a grup of four monsters for the first time, but immediately gave instructions to my servant.

“Sill, please use God’s Lightning Strike on the wild boar on the right.”

“Rusheria, use Prison Flame of Ruin on the left one.”

I’ll kill the hellhound and the mad rat.

“I understand.” “Oh, understood.”

I aimed and fired three shots to kill the hellhound and the mad rat.

Next to them.

“Zugagagan” “Guvoujuo”

When I look at it, the two wild boars disappeared without a trace.

The group of four monsters has also been cleaned up easily.
I feel like I’m doing something amazing.
I feel like with the three of us, we can go anywhere. Isn’t it the time to go to the 4th floor?
What a sweet delusion, then…

“I’m hungry.” “I’m hungry.”

I was pulled back to reality as usual.

I gave each one a magic core and they ingested it immediately.

“Hey, you have promised. Another one.”

Rusheria says so, so I reluctantly handed over one more.

I’ve defeated 4 monsters this time.

The result is the same as before, one magic core is 721 yen.

Whether I defeat 3 or 4 monsters, I earn the same amount.
Somehow, I don’t want to offend Rusheria.

After that, when I continued to hunt a group of 2 to 4 monsters,
Finally my level went up to LV 11.
The moment I see my status,

“I did it”

I thought, but taking a closer look,

Hmm! ??

This? ??

Is there something wrong? ??

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