Heroic Exploration Tale Starting from Mob


April 2028, I’m still in the dungeon today.
Kaito Takagi dives into the dungeon every day instead of doing a part-time job.
Mob character Kaito is an explorer who hunts slime every day and could only earn a meager amount of pocket money.
The others calls me a slime slayer (LV3).
In the past, I tried to hunt goblin and I escaped for my dear life.
A golden slime that I had never seen since I became a Slime Slayer (LV3) appeared, and when I kill it, a rare item called a servant card was left behind.
It is a dungeon exploration tale of a poor mob character … maybe.

Type: Webnovel(JP)

Author: Kaito

Year: 2019

Status in COO: 570 chapters

Original Publisher: Syosetsu

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Chapter 2
Chapter 3

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